By the end of the "14th Five -Year Plan", the city’s electric vehicle charging pile will reach 700,000

Original title: The city’s electric vehicle charging piles will reach 700,000 yesterday morning. The press conference of the "City Management Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was held. According to the "Planning", the city strives to achieve full coverage of centralized charging facilities for electric bicycles in the city’s residential area by the end of 2022.

By the end of the "14th Five -Year Plan", the city’s electric vehicle charging piles reached 700,000.

In addition, the city’s 132 -square -kilometer strategic white land is specified, leaving elastic space for urban public services. The special governance of street lamp issues completed 316 road lamps at the press conference yesterday. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Urban Management Committee introduced that the "Plan" proposed that the new image of the capital environment of the country is shaped. Strengthen the role of the "two axes and one ring" landscape, shape the image of the national etiquette of Chang’an Street, promote the comprehensive rectification of the central axis application environment, build the cultural landscape ring along the second ring road, increase the protection of the old city of the core area and the improvement of the environmental quality, and highlight it. State status of the core area.

  Build the city’s sub -center with a first -class environment, promote the double repair of "old cities", improve the quality of blue and green space, and strengthen the construction of the night scene environment. Focusing on the construction of functional areas such as "Three Mountains and Five Parks", "Three Cities and One Area", and the fourth embassy area, it creates a characteristic environment that matches it, and the characteristics of the key areas are more prominent. Carry out urban renewal in the block as a unit to promote the neighborhood system update.

  At the same time, study and formulate the construction and management opinions of electric vehicle charging facilities in the residential area, support and encourage the income of the electrification of charging facilities into the transformation project of the old community, and promote the "installation" of electric vehicle charging facilities in the residential area. By the end of the "14th Five -Year Plan", the city’s electric vehicle charging piles reached 700,000, and the average service radius of public charging facilities in the plain area was less than 3 kilometers, and the core area was less than kilometers. The city will carry out special governance of street lights, complete 316 road lights to make up for construction, and realize the dynamic clearance of "there is no light and no lights, no lights are not bright". Special governance of the community with a concentrated concentration of "heating" complaints has been carried out to complete the intelligent heating transformation of both over 100 million square meters. In addition, strive to achieve full coverage of concentrated charging facilities in the city’s residential area by the end of 2022. The city will also optimize the structure of the power mesh and implement the distribution network to improve the transformation. The city’s power supply reliability rate reaches%. Construct the capital power grid "black start" to restore the power supply network, improve the emergency reserve operation plan of the Huaneng coal -fired unit, and further enhance the heat and toughness of urban power supply. Improve the normally adjusted joint confession system of thermal electricity to enhance the ability of energy collaboration.

  Continue to enhance the toughness of the city’s lifeline, comprehensively carry out the census and hidden danger governance of the underground pipeline, complete the city’s gas safety inspection and rectification tasks by the end of this year, and complete the major hidden dangers of the city’s underground pipeline stock before the end of 2024. The 132 -square -kilometer strategic white land is introduced to the relevant person in charge of the elastic space municipal regulations for the long -term development. The "Special Planning" will be implemented by major infrastructure, providing a basis and support for the construction of Beijing municipal infrastructure planning during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period.

  In order to ensure the implementation of the planning, the city has established a normalized physical examination assessment mechanism of "one year of physical examination, five years of evaluation", and conduct real -time monitoring, regular assessment, and dynamic maintenance of the implementation of the overall planning of Beijing to ensure that the goals and goals determined by the planning plan The indicators are implemented in an orderly manner. At the same time, the planned development space is reserved. Among the 2760 square kilometers of urban and rural construction land determined by the city’s overall plan, 132 square kilometers of strategic retention land is deemed to reserve strategic space resources for the long -term development of the capital. . Major infrastructure leaves elastic space. Focusing on the improvement of the quality of the urban environment, the Municipal Rules Party Committee issued a series of urban planning and design guidance.

For street renewal governance, in terms of space, guide the integrated design of space inside and outside, ground and underground, and reasonably arrange slow -moving systems, green land tree -lined, urban furniture, logo plaques, etc.; The integration settings and intensive design of class facilities improve the space usage rate, walking safety and orderly order. For important municipal stations, in terms of safety and friendship, strengthen urban safety, reduce environmental impact, and increase humanistic care; in terms of aesthetic integration, guide the external environment for harmony and completeness, simple and generous building, small and micro facilities; in terms of green technology, , Guide to respect the natural environment, strengthen the use of energy conservation and renewable resources, and enhance the technical intelligence elements. For the waterfront space, the city focuses on the protection and restoration of important historical water systems and cultural heritage, showing the charm of the ancient capital; enhance the accessability, penetration, and tourism of the waterfront space, and enhance the vitality of the waterfront space; repair the hydrological function of the river, and repair the hydrological function of the river. Create an ecological corridor that blends with urban landscapes and green and healthy.

  The new round of old community reconstruction has accumulated a total of 1066 communities at the press conference yesterday. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission has given a set of data: Since the new round of old community renovation work was launched in 2017, the city has accumulated a total of confirmation 1066 communities, 40.68 million square meters; completed 295 communities and 10.62 million square meters; 364 communities, 15.67 million square meters; and a total of 2261 units were installed.

The residents who were incorporated into the renovation range benefited 530,000 residents, and the satisfaction rate of residents in the completed community reached more than 90%.

  According to reports, the city’s classification promotes the implementation of the comprehensive rectification of old communities, and fully promotes the improvement of the transformation work to improve quality and efficiency. Combined with the characteristics of the reconstruction project, the implementation of the reform of the renovation of the renovation of the old building, the comprehensive transformation of the earthquake -resistant energy -saving, the comprehensive renovation of energy conservation, the single transformation and the improvement of environmental improvement.

In accordance with the comprehensive rectification standards and technical guidance of the old community in Beijing, they do their best to do their best, focusing on the implementation of basic category transformation, and adhere to the changes to be changed; Give full play to the guidance of fiscal funds and attract social capital to participate in the transformation and later operations in a market -oriented manner.

  At the same time, actively improve the functions of small and micro space and public space, and strive to improve the quality of the living environment of residents.

Based on the actual conditions of the community and the surrounding areas, use the open space and inefficient space that withdraw from illegal exit to attract social capital to participate in public service facilities such as pension, childcare, community cafeteria, health and epidemic prevention, convenience stores, etc. Lao Yi Shao Sports Space. In addition, during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, the new civil buildings in Beijing fully implemented the standard of energy conservation design.

In accordance with the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan of Beijing National Economic and Social Development and the Outline of the Outline of the 2013 Fast Visits", the task of energy -saving and carbon reduction work of civil buildings will be decomposed year by year. The building is 1.5 million square meters, and strives to complete the energy -saving green transformation of 7.5 million square meters of public building.

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