Shandong Province Cultural Travel Department issued a May 1 prompt: Persist in making an appointment for travel

  The May Day holiday is coming. On the 27th, the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a May Day tour to remind tourists that the epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, and the safety and civilization are in their hearts.

  It is particularly noteworthy that starting from April 30, entering the tourist attractions and public cultural venues in Shandong Province, you need to hold the "7 -day kernel detection negative certificate".

  1. Focus on epidemic prevention policies.

Before traveling, pay close attention to travel tips issued by departments such as hygiene, public security, transportation, and meteorology, understand and abide by the latest epidemic prevention and control policies for destinations, and do not travel to high -risk regions.

  2. Persist in making an appointment.

To understand and inquire about the ticket appointments of the tourist attractions and the restrictions on passenger flow, insist on "no reservation can not travel."

  Third, cooperate with epidemic prevention examination. When entering the cultural tourist venue, you need to scan the "Place Code" and cooperate with the completion of health information such as "health code, itinerary code, 7 -day kernel detection negative certificate".

Specific requirements are subject to territorial epidemic prevention policies. Fourth, do personal protection. Before traveling, you must prepare for full preparation, carry the epidemic protection supplies with you, keep the "one -meter line" safety distance when waiting in line, and do a good job of personal health monitoring after traveling. Fifth, do not gather together. Do not participate in large -scale clustering activities, try to choose places with open space and good ventilation conditions such as natural scenery, ecology and other spaces.

  6. Safe and civilized travel. Improve safety awareness, consciously abide by public order and social morality, and abide by the standards of civilized tourism behavior.