Great ideal belief is a lifelong issue (thought horror)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that when the Central Party School (National Administrative College), the Central Party School (National Administration), the Central Party School (National Administration), the young cadres, "The young cadres should be kept in mind, and the firm Ideal belief is a lifelong topic, and it is necessary to refine often. Letter a lifetime, keep a life. "This is a firm belief in party members, especially the young cadres, based on the position of their own post, and gradually indicate the direction. Ideal faith is the spiritual pillar of the Chinese Communists and political souls, but also the ideological basis of maintaining the unity and unity of the party.

History and practice have repeatedly proved that a party has a great ideal and lofty pursuit, and it will be strong and powerful. It doesn’t matter; a party member cadre has a firm ideal belief, there is a political soul, political stress, can adhere to correct Political direction, not proud of victory and holiday, do not deprecate in difficulties and adversity, and always politically politically.

  Ideal belief is the "calcium" of the spirit of the Communists, "calcium" is condensed. In 1925, the 27-year-old king did not discuss his condition in the same way that came to visit, but a will of the mouth: all comrades should work well, struggle for the complete achievement of the proletariat and all human liberation and communism. . "I am a communist party member. For a faith, I will always be able to keep up." The Times King Ji Cai has received the island task from 26 years old, and one is 32 years until the last moment of life.

  Sound ideal beliefs are not an easy task, and the past is firmly equal to the beginning, now firmly does not mean to be firm, time long, the environment has changed, will face many tests.

At the new journey, party members and cadres still have to face various tests, sometimes facing or even testing.

"Strive for communism, ready to sacrifice all the party and the people, will never rebel the party," is the requirements of the party constitution to party members, and party members’ commitment to the party.

Party members and cadres have experienced all kinds of tests, always firmly believe in beliefs, is a serious issue that needs to be replied to the actual action is a solemn commitment that needs to be honored with a lifetime.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "The establishment of ideals and belief is a rational choice, rather than a moment of impulsive, and there is a simple feeling that is not enough. It must also have a deep theoretical belief. Otherwise, a wind blows. It will happen.

"Letter can keep, keep derived from letter, trust, can be firm. Marxism has laid the theoretical foundation of the ideal beliefs of the Communists. Socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, party members and cadres should strengthen Marxism theory, In particular, I must understand that I can understand the Chinese Marxism, the 21st Century Marxism, I’ve burst out the rational recognition of scientific theories in the 21st century, and establishing the correct understanding of historical law. At the beginning, it is necessary to accurately grasp the basic national conditions. Sninding ideals, neither, nor one is always for all, but to continue to be in the practice of struggle, experience.

Party members and cadres must strictly abide by the party constitution, keep in mind the party’s tenet, and strive to solve the spiritual spine of the Communist Party, solve the problem of the worldview, life and values, let the ideal beliefs become the lighthouse in the heart, to be devoted, Letter and deep.

Often the heart of the party, the responsibility of the party, the strong party, often conduct ideological and political medical examination, and the requirements of the party to the party of Xi Jinping as the core "to mark", take the party constitution "scan", use the people The new look forward to "Perspective", the same year’s martyrdom, advanced typical "control", maintaining the mental state of never-offset, and has a strong struggle in their respective positions, fighting in the practice of lofty ideals.

  Colleges and universities undertake the fundamental task of Lidshu people, they must put the ideals and belief education in the first place, give full play to the main channel role of the ideological and political education of young students, improve the quality of teachers, enrich the teaching content, innovative teaching methods, and constantly Promote the reform and courses of thinking, and strive to cultivate students into the era of ethnic rejuvenation.

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