International Rui Rui, don’t see the United States, and see you to pull the list.

  The China Foreign Ministry released the "fact list" to intervene in Hong Kong affairs on the 24th, supporting the "factual list" of the anti-chaos and Hong Kong forces, and the creation of Hong Kong social turmoil in the United States since the "case of the wind wave" in 2019.

Through these conclusive evidence, it is not only to see the despicable means and hypocrisy of the United States to intervene in Hong Kong affairs. The sinister heart, it can be said that the words are available, and the iron can be as mountain. Specifically, this list is divided into five parts, and list 102 US US to intervene in Hong Kong’s affairs, involving the construction of the country, embrace the so-called sanctions, squeezing the zone of the SAR, including the support against chaos, and collected allies Three of the means of interfere with Hong Kong affairs.

It is not difficult to see that the US supports the opposite chaos of Hong Kong, what is naked, why is it! How is the US government’s smearing dismissal to the Chinese government to smear! Through this list, people also see that there is a ridiculous "double standard" that the United States is in democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule of law. The US has repeatedly hits the Hong Kong business, smearing the improvement of the Hong Kong Guoan Law and the Hong Kong election system, but its own related record is a mess.

  In the case of a case of human rights, a list of human rights is taken as an example.

From the disappearing failure, it is seriously trampled to human rights. When the Afghan dismantled the army, he will shoot civilians, and then a lot of sea immigrants that lack of food and money. Even the US Haiti Special Envoy has also condemned the "unrealistic" behavior of the US government and resigned on the 23rd. At the same time, at the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, multi-country also strongly condemned human rights violations in the United States. At present, the turmoil manufactured in the United States and the infringement of democracy, human rights, freedom, and the rule of law are staged around the world. The so-called "human rights guard" is just the largest human rights invasive. The "fact list" released by the Chinese side also makes the US have a mirror, you can always look out that yourself, the "Human Rights Teacher" refers to the ugly look.

  Chinese people don’t make trouble, but they are not afraid. The United States is absolutely impatched by incorporating China’s development of China’s development. From the relevant personnel and entities of the United States, the "anti-foreign sanctions", and then the "fact list", these legitimate measures taken in China have shown that the words and deeds of all interference China, damaging the national interests and dignity must Essential and powerful roots. The outside world saw that the current overall situation of Hong Kong has been fixed.

The development and implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law has restored Hong Kong’s security and stability, promoting Hong Kong by chaos, and With the steady advancement of a series of elections in Hong Kong, the principle of "Patriot Governance" will will be further implemented, and the "one country, two systems" governance system will continue to improve, and to ensure that Hong Kong is long-term. Don’t look at the United States, and I will see you to draw a list.

In the face of the Chinese-mentioned pile parts, facing the reality of Hong Kong’s prosperity, where is the US perseverance to continue to perform the political farce of the intervention of Hong Kong affairs? Any force can underestimate the firm determination of China against external intervention, strong will and powerful! (International Rui Review Commentary).