Fuzhou Jinan Inspection established Fujian Province’s first "Office Vice President Office"

Unveiling ceremony site.

On the recent Sanfan Photo, the "Regular Vice President Office" jointly established by Jinan District Procuratorate, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau, held a unveiling ceremony in Fuzhou Tenth Middle School.Chen Wei, the Procuratorate of Jin’an District Procuratorate, Ding Ji Bing, Secretary of Jinan District Education Bureau, Deputy Director of Yuefeng Police Station, deputy head of Yuefeng Town Fangyu, the principal of Fuzhou Tenzhong Chen Lifen, jointly unveiled the "Deputy Director of the Rule of Law".This is the first deputy director of Fujian Province, based on the office, promoting the granted deputy principal of the rule of law, sanctifying the gravity of the law, serial with public security, procuratorate, school and social interworking platform, and deepening the implementation of "One Procuratorate".

The Office of the Law Vice President actively responded to the rule of law of the school, expands to help help the integrated protection center of Jincan District, and strives to urge the deputy director of the rule of law to better perform their duties, and timely master the school’s rule of law, and assist the school. The rule of law, carry out the legal advice of teachers and students, promote the integration of the rule of law into the daily education of primary and secondary schools, and build a new pattern of the rule of law of the school, family and procuratorial organs.

"Five One" plus code rule of law and welfare list a list of responsibilities. The Jin’an District Procuratorate and Schools have jointly formulated the list of responsibilities of the rule of law, and the deputy principal of the rule of law adopted the deputy principal and the deputy principal of the rule of law and the deputy director of the comprehensive management. In terms of legal advice, implementation of education and discipline, public security organs and procuratorates provide guidance and assistance in schools. At the same time, a weekly collection of schools need to rule the deputy president of the rule of law, and if necessary, the school meeting will help the school research to deploy comprehensive, rule of law, moral education.

The school conducts comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the deputy president of the rule of law and as an important reference of the prosecutor’s performance evaluation, the evaluation of the evaluation, and the vice president of inspiring the rule of law is better. A group of legal teams.

Except for the leaders of the Jin’an District Procuratorate and the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Rule of Law, the Office of the Rule of Law is actively striving for the strength of teachers, parental volunteers such as legal, psychological education, family education, etc.. On the day of the event, Chen Yu, the procurator of the Jin’an District Procuratorate, Ding Ji, Party Secretary, Jinan District Procuratorate, Zhangzhong, Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun, deputy director of Yuefeng Police Station, deputy director of Yuefeng Town, Fang Yuzhen, Fuzhou 10 The principal Chen Lifen issued 23 people to the Parents and Teachers’ volunteers. The rule of law in the classroom.

Guarding the healthy growth of minors, Fuzhou prosecution, family, school, society, network, government, and six major protection system innovation to help judicial protection. Fuzhou Procuratorate Prosecutor Lin Chengjie took the "future of you, procuratorate" as the entitled Fuzhou Tuanzhong students, teachers, and parents’ volunteer teams, have been taught in a different way. Lin Chengjie also puts the "supervision supervision order" and the deputy director of the rule of law as a focus, parents’ volunteers taught the experience of the rule of law, essentials. Do a psychological counseling.

Jin’an District Procuratorate provides the effectiveness of the supervision and supervision and the Fujian Psychological Assistance Association, Fujian Province Dehui Springs Education Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate with government purchase, and coordinate the resources of the largest parental education guidance center in the province. . The event site, special invites the professional psychological counselor of the Fujian Provincial Psychological Assistance Association for students to learn the psychological counseling, helping to open their minds and promote mental health. Open a survey.

In combination with the actual procuratorial work, through the "Office of the Law, the Office of the Law", investigate the problem of the rule of law of the school students, pay attention to the students’ mental health and focus on the issue of rule of law education.

"Three major members" to make the school Anyuan Chen Wei always worked hard, the deputy director of the rule of law, he said that "the Vice President of the Rule of Law is not a simple title, it is the responsibility of the mission, trust is more incentive." Since 2019 He has served as Vice President of Fuzhou Tuanzhong Rule of Law, and multi-prix upgraded school rule of law education.

When the campus guardian.

Actively participate in campus security construction, based on prosecutive function to help social integrated management, and issued a Measures to restrict the violation of the human rights violations of laws and criminals (Trial).

During the epidemic researcher, see the epidemic prevention and control and recovery work. Co-purify the surrounding environment of the campus, use the rule of law to help solve the "difficult disease" management of schools in campus bullying and campus environmental governance. Special inspection supervision of illegitimate toxic and harmful toys around the campus, electronic cigarette, business entertainment venues, Internet cafes, tobacco sold offers for special inspection supervision.

Strengthen the Mechanism of the Popularization, promote the publication of the public and the district of campus social practice, and the Jinan District Procuratorate will introduce the "Long-term mechanism for strengthening the rule of law of primary and secondary schools". Be a good student leading people.

In response to the problem of family education, issue "supervision supervision order" to persist in tracking observation. Regularry with the Education Bureau and the public security organs without criminal responsibility, there is no criminal penalty, "crime" and repeated serious violations of school regulations and other serious bad behaviors, the three-party docking, incorporating "call Northern Star" Minor Information Database Hierarchical Evaluation.

Correctional integration, accurate help of sinful students. Currently, the school involves a total of 12% in the school to zero.

When a good law publicity.

By investigating the needs of schools, students and parents, providing point-single appointment courses. Focus on high-risk minors self-control launch responding to campus loans, preventing campus violence, sexual assault, minor conservation, and other new lectures.

Torpate the network to the dominant, through the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law, and the promotion of the web live platform, and the WeChat push, etc., the fun of the Fun Pulling line is on the line. The procuratorate and open day event, invited the National Congress, the CPPCC member, and the student representative to enter the procuratorate to visit the 12309 center, carry out the "I am a small public prosecutor" professional experience and other activities, so that the people will feel the procuratorial work of minors. The Jin’an District Procuratorate will deepen the implementation of the "I do practical practice" in the law of the public, and promote the protection of social governance in the minor, and promote the rule of law of the rule of law by the public inspection school society. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.