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Zhong Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter Jiang Xiao Bin 100 years ago, Yangsi Village, Qichi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, has become a foundation of Yangshao Culture from a silent hillunity.

Yangshao culture found for a hundred years and is also a hundred years of birth in modern Chinese archeology.

Wei Xingtao, a researcher of Henan Provincial Cultural Relics: Yangshao is already willing or initially entered the civilized society in recent years, Henan Province is in Lingbao City to smoke, Beiyang Ping, Yanyi Village, Yiyang Suyang, Zhengzhou Shuangyang, Nanyang Huangshan, etc. Important Yangshao culture is discovered to achieve a series of new discovery. The city of Lingbao City smoke, the rushing system, the gallery architecture, the pottery workshop, the stone carving silkworm art, the possible silk remains, etc., the southwestern part of the West Jinshui has high cultural and social development levels in Yangshao.

渑 渑 仰 韶 村 地 青 青 地 地 信息 信息 信息 信息 信息 信息 瓶 信息 信息 信息 信息 瓶 瓶 瓶 信息 瓶 瓶 瓶 瓶 到 瓶 到 瓶 瓶 到 瓶 信息 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到Cereal fermented wine and curved wine were found in the residue. The Gongyi Shuanghu Tree Site found a large number of crops and the teeth of the vomiting, and the agricultural and silk experience found in the Site, Wanggou and other sites were fully proved that the Central Plains in the Central Plains in the Central Plains in the Central Plains have formed more complete peasant mulberry civilization. form. After several years of archaeological excavation and research, it can be determined that the accomplice site of the careful siting is a "River Luo Guoguo" from the 20300. In recent years, archaeological discovery and research showed that the Yangshao culture in various places, Zeng Sheng issued a lot of flashing civilized factors, and some are grown, and some have even sublimated to become a preliminary civilization.

Among them, the materials such as Shuanghuhu Tree Site show that Yangshao has already entered the civilized society in the middle and advanced period. Zhang Guanghui, an archaeological study of Shanxi Provincial Archaeological Research: The excavation of the Chinese people’s first independently, the discovery of Western Yincun, which is the first independent host of the Chinese, and found a large number of color treasures represented by West Ying, unearthed Yanghao. The first silkworm cocoon, which initially reveals the splendid cultural achievements in Yangshao. According to statistics, the total number of Yangshao ruins found in Shanxi has reached 716, and nearly 50 were discovered, and the geographical distribution was the most in Jinan. Jin Nanyu has a "嫘 嫘 故 里", in the past 100 years of archaeological history, I found that stone carvings and silkworm cocoons in Shanxi County Mart and West Yin, indicating that the silkworm silk technique has been grasped. In the summer and county divisions of Xia County in the distance ago, it has begun to build a city wall; after 6,000 BC, Jinan Yangshao’s themens began to firing the beautiful rose color.

With Shanxi Beaded Corridor Terrain, it originated from the Type of Western Yin Type / Temple Ditch in Jinshan Yu Intersection, and the rose petals of its own characteristics and the five-sided order, far broadcast to the south and Liaoning area, show The grand occasion of the prestige of north and south culture.

In recent years, the gathering archaeological work in Xia County teacher village, Yingcheng North Yolt, Linyi Taoyuan, Zi Dang and other Yangshao cultural sites have also achieved a new breakthrough: Xia County Shi Village Sites found a million square meters of us, system exposed Shanxi area Yangshao Early city is gathered; 2020-2011, Wing City northern olure found the first gathering ring in Yangshao, with an area of ??800,000 square meters, and is also the largest Yangshui gathering in Shanxi.

Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute Associate Professor Ma Ming: China completed the first of a prehistoric culture integration centers located in China’s Shaanxi geographic location of the territory, the vast loess arable land, high water density, monsoon rainfall is more abundant, in Yangshao era is the most Ideally drought farming and settlement area.

According to the third cultural relics, Shaanxi Yangshao cultural sites exceeded 2,000.

Yangshao culture first large-scale excavation begins with the Si’an Halfto Site. In the spring of 1953, 1954-1957, Shixingbang, the Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over 5 excavations, unearthed relics, and the cultural nature of the subject remains in Yangshao Culture. The half-slope type is discovered. 7000-6000.

In 1958, China’s first site museum was built and became a model of new Chinese cultural heritage protection. Yangshao culture is the most important and strongest cultural system in China’s Neolithic Age, with the most distinctive fish, frogs, birds, people, and the beasts of the beasts, and the pointers and other elements, cultures. Continuent in 2000, with extremely strong stability and continuity.

It can be said that Yangshao culture completed the first integration of Chinese prehistoric culture, the integrated role of China’s history in Shaanxi and the Loess Plateau, not only limited to Zhou Qin Han Dynasties, but should go back to Yangshao era. Li Xinwei, a researcher of the Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Growing "the initial China" in the distance of the Chinese prehistoric era of China in the Chinese prehistoric era, Yangshao cultural temple centrifugation is the core, the coverage is the most Guang, the largest population is the largest, and the formation and development of Chinese civilization has accumulated the most profound human and material foundation. At the core area of ??the temple stem type, the largest Beiyang flat site area is nearly 1 million square meters, and the center of the secondary centralized western widget is also more than 400,000 square meters, and the gathering shows a significant hierarchy. The Temple Step Society "Rustic", attaches importance to the development path of clan and collective affairs, such as loess and heavy, accumulated the important heritage of Chinese civilized countries.

The style of the temple ditch is widely spread, the east to the sea, the south to the Yangtze River, north to the river and the Liaohe River Basin, west to Gansu.

Then, the Summer Dynasty corresponds to the Summer Dynasty, in the middle of the hinterland of the Central Plains, integrated allochemical factors, although the relevant items related to beliefs and rituals absorbed the Eastern and Jianghan region, but the Tuyi Pattern and the architecture of the architecture inherited Yangshao Tradition. The new ancient leaders from all over the world are full of grave, and they are very vigorous, and they explore the desire of distant and intercourse.

They strive to carry out long-distance communication, get distant rare items and sacred knowledge, and this communication has spawned a cultural community that is bed in China and culture, so known as "China interaction circle" and "initial China.

[Responsible Editor: Jiang Xiao Bin].