Flesh armor、Steel muscle,It’s like paper in front of this dragon sting tail。

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No matter how strong the defense is,As long as Bingchen Bailong finds the opportunity and the right angle,Can penetrate directly!
Not big hole,The blood can’t stop pouring out,Lei Kun Canglong roared angrily,There was a thunderstorm all over the body,Rushed towards Bingchen Bailong。
Bingchen white dragon flying in the air http://www.shadoweffect.cn like a butterfly,Let this manic mosasaur attack at will,It’s hard to touch half of its feather。
and,Lei Kun Canglong gets more irritable,The easier it is to expose flaws,Bingchen Bailong kept calm as a hunter,Even when Lei Kun Canglong approached him, he quickly started the Shocking Sting!
That cold light,No matter how hard the dragon skin is, it can’t resist,Even the bones will be directly penetrated。
Bingchen Bailong also seems to know that Lei Kun Canglong’s vitality is tenacious、Skin muscle like steel,Some ordinary mysticism and magic may not be able to severely damage it,So it took this way……
Blood flows like a fountain,As Lei Kun Canglong’s body has more and more holes,The dragon blood can’t stop flowing。
The wound pierced by Bai Qi’s tail is bleeding,And Lei Kun Canglong obviously does not have any special self-healing ability,I saw this mosasaur madly releasing dark red lightning,Lightning keeps bursting in the air,Produce terrible thunderstorms……
Every time Lei Kun Canglong is so strong,Bingchen Bailong retreated away,Until the opponent has a flaw again,The dragon sting pierced another wound!
This time,Bingchen Bailong’s tail hit Lei Kun Canglong’s key,Is the position of the neck。
You can see blood sprayed out from under Lei Kun Canglong’s neck like a water column。
And this time a lot of blood loss,Finally slowed Lei Kun Canglong’s actions,The power of thunder and lightning has been significantly weakened。
Other dragon-level creatures,Stabbed by Bai Qi’s tail,Basically died directly,Only this Lei Kun Canglong,It took so long to deal with it before it http://www.jtyybz.cn really hurt it。
Bai Qi also has some scars spurred by dark red lightning,Not to mention the boxer Zhanan,He fought this Lei Kun Canglong longer。
“Uncle,Are you OK?”Zhu Minglang sees the boxer Zhan An being besieged by five or six dragon generals,Asked。
“A little tricky,My left arm got electric numb,But can’t die,You solve Lei Kun Canglong first,Everything else is easy to say!”Zhanan circling among the dragons,Replied after a while。