“report,Pvt. Gan Yifan reports。”

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The dark and strong Zhao Xionglie came out of the tent,Looking up and down Gan Yifan said:“Tall,It’s rare to be such a tall person。The military posture is actually good,Can’t fault……Ok,Just thinner,Thinner than my ineffective disciple。I heard you hurt him,not bad,It’s not bad to be able to hurt him soon after awakening,Let’s go。”
Zhao Xionglie’s voice is thick,Sounds like a compliment,Gan Yifan heard a bit of bad intentions。
Huang Yunlin is a disciple of Zhao Xionglie,He heard Wu Heng say,Before I came, I never thought that Ning Beizhi would let Zhao Xionglie take him for a few days。But it’s already like this,He had to follow Zhao Xionglie。
Down the mountain,I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or Zhao Xionglie’s intention.,Take Gan Yifan directly to the Xu Han rescue area。
The giant sandworm corpse has been processed,Leaving a bunker that has not been landfilled by wind and sand,All around,There are coagulated black blood clots,Fishy。
“Yesterday you were here to rescue Xu Wan,I have seen you take action。high speed,Abnormal fire temperature is extremely high,Nearly a foot away,Your power level should be close to level 4。Judging from your killing sandworms,Your different fire power can be compared to level six。The monkey is not wronged by you。”
Zhao Xionglie used the short knife in Gan Yifan’s hand as a different fire,In fact, Gan Yifan was very fast,It happened suddenly,The only person who really saw him holding a short knife was Ning Beizhi,The other officers are almost the same as Zhao Xionglie。
This is the second time Zhao Xionglie mentioned Huang Yunlin,Gan Yifan is not sure what he means,No answer。
Zhao Xionglie seems to have said this,After speaking, keep going。
Gan Yifan doesn’t care what he means,I wanted to come here last night but didn’t find a chance,Now the opportunity comes,Jump directly into the sandpit,Close to the sand。
“What are you doing?”Zhao Xionglie looked back but didn’t see Gan Yifan following,After walking a few steps back, I saw Gan Yifan lying on the bottom of the sandpit like a dog, sniffing,Weirdly asked。
Gan Yifan said embarrassingly:“My nose is good,Want to remember the smell of sandworms。”
“What’s wrong with this,Is it necessary to get into the sand and smell it??Not too smelly,Come up quickly,Have to come back at noon,Don’t waste time。”
Inside the bunker is more smelly than outside,Gan Yifan only smelled a pungent stench,The monster he imagined smells like nothing。
Follow Zhao Xionglie for over an hour,He’s thinking about it。The giant sandworm behaves too strangely,If it wasn’t for the monster to secretly shoot, it would be impossible to explain,But Gan Yifan couldn’t smell the breath left by the monster。
“It should be a certain distance away……”Gan Yifan is not sure。