“Xinxin,She is not just a fiancee on my name.,That is my father gave her to me.。

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I don’t like any woman.,these years,I have been installing in my heart.。”
Hao Peng smiled and said his own heart,Just like home。
“hehe”Lan Xin can’t help but laugh,I like her for many years.。
If you really start from high school,It’s really a decade.。
But his infatuation,Let her very uncomfortable。
“Hao Peng,Today’s news is what you http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn deliberately let go.?”
Blue Xin asked very direct,Even let her associate with the previous things are what he did.。
“Xinxin,You can get me.,I am not done.,I like you, of course, respect you.,But still want to express my mind.。
That is the regret of my high school.,This regret,I was originally after graduating from high school, I wanted to give you a confession.,But you will go to work after graduating from high school.,I have not found you.,do you know?
After graduation, the last day of leaving,I have been looking for you.。”
Hao Peng’s voice is somewhat sad and helpless。
“Xinxin,those years,I really like you,After graduating from college,I have not heard your news.,You left the ginger,Jiang Jia also doesn’t know your news,I have been looking for you.,Until two years ago,I saw your figure in the fashion http://www.shenggoulipin.cn magazine.,But then my company is tight.,Face listing,I have been very busy,Time to come back to find your time.。
”If other women hear this,I will be happy and romantic screaming.。
But listening to Blue Xin,These words,Be like a poison。
“Hao Peng,You are awake,I have been married and have children.,I want to get me is not your main purpose.,Your main purpose is Lu Group.。
”Blue Xinyi said blood,The other party is silent.。
Sometimes silence is the default。
What’s more, Lan Xin has already guessed the idea of each other.。
“Xinxin,In you,I am sure,As for the Lu Group,That is something on the mall。”
Hao Peng’s voice is careful,There is also a tough attitude that does not care.。
Blue Xin’s face is a cold laugh:“I am waiting for you.,Never impossible,Don’t say that I have a heart I am talking again.,As for the Lu Group,As you said,This is something on the mall,I am Lu Hao’s wife,Even if you fight,Will not let the Chalsen。
”Blue Xin finished,I hang up the phone quickly,I am angry with my mobile phone on the sofa.。
Blue Xin’s time when Lu Hao Cheng,Just hit with his cold and gloomy eyes。
Lu Haocheng landed her,“Silly girl,I am here,He grabs you。”
Lu Hao Cheng said like this.,The bottom is very angry。
Hao Peng is not afraid of death.。
Is he not a victory??
Then he makes him proudRKGroup swallowed and,See what he still has。
Hao Peng believes that the strength and ability is considerable with his flag.。
However, he Hao Peng’s strength,He Lu Haicheng still does not look at the eyes。
Blue Xin, I thought he was very angry.,But I didn’t expect him to suddenly come.,She laughs tenderly:“Ah Cheng,thank you for trusting me。”
Now this time,Believe in her,For her,Let her feel more than any action and language。
“Silly blue,You are my wife,you are my life,If I don’t trust you,Who will I believe in this world?,do not worry,Hao Peng’s things we face together。”
Lu Haocheng has a touch of breath,He will never let the blue are hurt。
Blue Xin is satisfied,Her lips can’t help but make a smile,Have him this sentence,She is very satisfied in her heart.。
Lan Xin was sleeping with Lu Hao Cheng。
The total time of the Trinity is also arrived.。