Doesn’t it say that the disciples come come out??

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This disciple looks back to see the team,It’s also a surprise:“Yup,裴 师 弟?”
But the team of twenty people,Not difficult,Can be biased in the stars。
Or,It is ignored。
This multi-person collectively targets him『sex』Minimally,Plus a recent change,More impossible to be so large and maliciously。Can only be said to be the world will——Power of the plot。
枝 hurriedly threw the next sentence:“I am going to find him.,You don’t have to follow,Go first。”
Turn the direction,Yu Jian down,The whole person’s figure is swallowed.。
Warries that have followed up with the rear『Confuse』road:“You see 竹?She should go in front of us,How to not see her。”
The disciples who said that they say that they are about this and related,Rumitizing the finger:“The teacher did not find a teacher,At once……Go on。”
Wen Yan『color』,Look back,The next consciousness should stop Xiao Yao,As a result, I found out that I have no avail behind him.,“Where is the people of Xiao Shi??Isn’t he followed by me???”
disciple:“Just、Just now I am talking,Xiao Shi brother……Also go on。”
Wen Yan again:“Varied?!”
——Although this illusion is really difficult,Yan Zhi is more entering,But one of you are too unhappy, I’m going to work in your eyes.!

Yan Zhi returned to the most beginning to meet Xiao Yao,Dragon’s source is really here,She needs to find the star Xingxing as soon as possible。Special circumstances brought by world integration,The case of the second male master in the first advanced movement is huge,In the original, it is a description of nine deaths.,What’s more, there is a fascinating fascinating fascination。
Men, can not hang it easily。
Otherwise, her women’s mission is to be completely broken here.。
Last experience,Yan Zhi is more vigilant this time,Not only good night pearls,Also give two clear pills in advance,By way to the sleeve、Whishais can sprinkle the hidden,Requirement。
She has the first time I entered the mood,Abandon,Looking for the rustic star。
The charm itself does not attack the power,Harmful means is mainly through the will,achieve“I kill me”Result。When the will of life is determined to a certain degree,Those false fears are full。
枝 over this ramp,Looking smoothly and quickly,Sound of breathing,I am afraid to miss a half-point suspicious movement.。
She heard。
Very thin and slight、Intermittently unstable『Bun』Voice。
Human voice。
Yan Zhi did not hesitate to rush in that direction.。
That is a hole that is covered by green leaves.,The more close to the more you feel a fearful deterrence。This should be the last breath of the dead dragon.,Use of people who have a good intention。
When branches go in, they cannot be avoided.,Mild“rustle”Voice,She will continue to go for a while.,I want to cover the movement of the way into the sound of the wind.。
However, didn’t take a few steps,She felt that the deterrent greater,Continental danger to make her almost cold『hair』Inverted vertical,She is counter-condition『shoot』Lift the sword,It is good to block the opposite flying flying blade.。
枝 lifted,Just a pair of scarlet eyes。
裴 星。
Both eyes red crazy,Unreasonable,Overparagor and have a fearful。