Liu Xiaoyun laughed at herself。“Then you sing for us,See if you can really recruit ghosts and wolves together,Hehe……”

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Chapter one hundred and sixty two Lost and recovered
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Shen Ruoxue said mischievously。
“No way,This is definitely not good!I finished singing,Our girls from the Legion of the Roses suffered most of the casualties,Wait till Dechang,I guess there are not many left alive,Haha……”
Liu Xiaoyun said she was happy,Not to mention,Making jokes like this,The atmosphere in the car is lively again,Everyone’s spirits refreshed a little。
It’s just the situation in the two cars behind,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun can’t control it。
hard to imagine,If Qin Liang knew that these little girls did it for him,So tirelessly traveling all the way,Will you be very moved,Will you have anything to Liu Xiaoyun?“special”Reward……
When Fluttershy sat up from the grass,She has been kissed by Qin Liang for more than half an hour……
Sighed softly,Fluttershy head down,Silently put all the clothes on my body back on……Always like this!After Qin Liang untied his clothes,He doesn’t care after making out,Have to wear it again。