Asking for a proud of Wang Ye,He is absolutely calculated.“Ritual”NS。

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“Prince,That’s going to go,Be sure to do!”
This person puts on the clothes,Wear a fight,Directly out of Wangfu。Waiting for him,Gao Yan light sigh,I am finally developed according to my expectations.。
Waiting for the high Rui army to go to Yucheng,You can make the next plan.。Apart from this,Also going to join again,See who is already“Figured out”。
after all,Gao Baoyi and the gods were when,When you are not in the city,Caused by suppressive effect,That is completely different。
Gao Yan is over with the servant,soon,Another dress,People who can’t see face with a fight,Come to the door of the study。
Gao Yan will have just writtenly written to the other party:“Directions you know,Now go to the north directly,No need to come back。Give the letter to Gao Rui,Let him act on behalf。
Um,It is best to let him send someone。”
The person took the letter and gone.,No stalk。
Finish these things,Gao Yun, the whole person is relaxed,A blank brain,Previous pressing sense,I have disappeared completely.。
Not done,I am very worried that it will not fail.,I am very worried about Gao Bo Yi, I can do it.,I am very worried that I am doing the gods and defeat.。
Now I have already played the card.,Gao Yan is not worried at all.!
how to say,All this,others,How is it?!He believes that luck will stand in herself.!
otherwise,How to not rise early in the water,After the goddess army passed the river,The Yellow River rose water.?This is the old day to bless them!
NS1128chapter Sorrow in the rain(2)
邺 南城,Fishfare。Use heavy rain intermittent,The fish is taken down the gun of the horse.,Get the sharpening stone。
The gods of the gods, the majesties of the majestic,However,That is just that ordinary sergeant is like this.。Gao Baoyi’s next few generals,Zhang Wei and Tour Rob are not going in Yucheng.,As for why not walking,The reason is obvious。
Fish praise in the bedroom,This Gao Biyi is specially responsible for the head of dirty.,Serving Mrs. Cui brother。
“Alang,I have arranged a retreat for you.。Absolute security,Can go to Qizhou。Wained Qizhou,Contact with Mrs. Li Li Tan。Whether it is to help the main public,Or you escape to Yizhou Taiwan Island,Can realize。”
Cui brother holding the sign of fish。
If not, Cui is very good to himself.,Fish Zan is really wanting her face。
“Hidely,I am alive and very taste.?”
The fish praised a road。
If it is still in Chang’an before,He can mix it now,Absolutely not satisfied!Even“Guangzong Yaozu”Four words are described。
but,People’s desire is not ended!
When you reach a goal,Creating an impact to a higher goal,For example, the current fish is like this。
He doesn’t want it to be mixed in the ditch,Don’t want to be Gao Baoyi“Evening pot”。He wants to have the appearance of the emperor in the future.。
So Cui brings to the so-called backward road preparation,actually,But it is a dog’s life.。I have to eat and sleep from this life.,There will be no more happiness.。
That life,Fish praise does not want,He would rather die。
At this moment,There is a sound outside the door.。
“Praise,Gao Yan sent people,Already available,It was caught by us.。”
That voice comes from a faithful dog leg of fish,I used to be in Chang’an,I have been following the fish.。
“I will come.。”
Fishzan’s city,Deceive others is okay,Cuisuo is can’t be lied。Cui brother,Fish praise this again“excited”NS。
“Alang went。”