Zhao Yan asked deeply。

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I heard this,Gao Yan, the dirty face, there is a laughing smile,Disdain:“Mr. Zhao said that this is not very right.,How can I call a soldier??”
He continued to say:“Emperor’s entrepreneurial,My brother is also the excitement,Only today’s Qi State。Can now be good,Rival,Who is the surname?,Are unknown。
Mr. Zhao is not sad??
Rebellion,That called the soldier。We do now,It is the side of Qingjun!”
Since the seven kings of the Western Han Dynasty“Qingjun side”After this word,The Qing Dynasty is almost the oral zen of all the people who rely.。
We don’t want to oppose the emperor,But there is a http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cn small person around the emperor.,We packed up the little man around the emperor.,So there is no problem.?
This type of routing has been trial.,So there is aesthetic fatigue。
Zhao Yan is almost boring to yawn。
Even things don’t get novelty.,How to fight with Gao Bao?How to fight?
Zhao Yan is deeply understood by Gao Baoyi,This is in Yucheng,Even if you are so good, others have a thousand hands,A thousand mouths。Nor,This loss is still to lose。
“so,You want to rely on several people in the government.,Go to the soldiers?”
Zhao Yan is almost doubtful to life。
“Mr. Zhao does not have to know,We naturally have our way。Just hope that Yang Hao and other thieves will take the leader,Mr. Zhao can come out to host the situation of Yucheng.。”
Gao Yan is deeply alert to Zhao Yanye,Did not,There is also some people behind him and the tray。
Zhao Yanye has a lot of identity。
First of all,He is the person in the Rui circle,Although it is not a luxury family,But homedance,He is a character,All aspects can be said。
Second,He used to manage the Harbor Palace of the Gaogu,A courtier hometown is indeed very unparalleled,But this is indeed what Zhao Yan has done.。And he serves as a similar position,Three emperors across the high home。
Gao Huan essentially the emperor、Highlight、Gorge。
So he can get the trust of the high home.。
A high family trust,Others can speak the words of the Dynasty circle,It is a two-person choice for stabilizing the chaos.。From this perspective,Although the plan of high-rise and other people is still not fully displayed in Zhao Yan.。
But seek in the hole,It seems that it is not completely wrong.。
“Yong’an Wang,You trust me so much.,Don’t I am afraid that I tell Gao Bo Yi??”
Zhao Yan has some don’t understand how they think it is.。
“Gao Baoyi has his own set of classes,No matter how Mr. Zhao is in the past,The other party will not fully trust。With your own care,Not as good as”
Gao Yan did not finish,But straight to Zhao Yanfu。
He wants to get the answer from the other party。
“Matters,I have to think about it.。”
Don’t think,Zhao Yan Shen refused high。certainly,Didn’t say death,But the meaning is not much.。
Gao Yan squeezed a smile:“Impulsive,Mr. Zhao considered it to be,After all, the whole family is above this.,Indeed, it should be considered。Say first。”
The threats in his mouth are very obvious,Imagination,If Zhao Yan does not listen to him,I am afraid,It will go to the ground with Yang Yu!
After saying this,Gao Yan quietly left from Zhao Yan’s deep door.,No person alarm。
NS1124chapter Taste of http://www.tyysqczl.cn conspiracy(2)
Yucheng people are lazy and rich,I like to listen to various things.。originally,Goddess force wants to be south,Just a rumor,Just recently,This rumor,Confirmed by various small news。