“Springs you want to achieve segmentation through your space capabilities”Surprised in the feathers。

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He thinks,Spring space can make him have the ability to master everything。
I can’t escape his control.。
“Be right,If the peach is complete,I have no way to do it.,There is an ideal,I really thought that I didn’t have a way to him.”Springs are talking and talking。
“Oh,This way you say http://www.yodei.cn that you can do it.”What did you think of glow?。
“Ha ha,Still being discovered by glow night.,I still want to hide a hidden.,But there is no good purification now.,Are you not all absorbed by Naruto?”Spring。
Sasuke and other black lines,Remembacted the scene of it before absorbing,It’s a bit unbearable.。
“Don’t you do it?,It’s all for you.”Springs said。
Hui Night Some silence。
Now,She still can’t understand Spring.。
I don’t know where his strength has progressed.。
It’s hard to see him now.,Even,Will not play a full force。
Haven’t appeared in your opponent。
“The Spring, you will pick up your origin.”Naruto said anxiously。
“This is not difficult,But the part that has been fused is unsuccessful,This is equal to the body of the peach and live in the blister.”
“Although not much,It is not long for how long it is integrated.,But the quality gap is still”
“and,I am not ready to take all parts that are not integrated.”Spring said。
“Not smoke,Spring, what are you doing?”Naruto said nervous。
This is equivalent to giving a peach opportunity。
“Spring, you want to cultivate blogging”Sasuke frowning。
“Be right,Blog physique special,Leave some original will,Can make blogging better growth”Spring said。
“But。。。。”Naruto is worried。
“You don’t believe your son.”Spring looked at the Naruto。
Naruto has lost his foot in front of his son.。
“Or I have come to education bloggers.,Naruto is somewhat inappropriate,And bloggeous eyes are somewhat special”Sasuke。
And the Naruto directly lost his head。
http://www.emkir.cn “All right,First pick up your origin and say,I can see that guy is very uncomfortable.”
Spring hand release,The blonde in his hand is suspended.。
Then Quan Yi。
An invisible force is grabbed by Spring.。
This force also wants to struggle,But in the spring space, he is struggling again.。
It is just the source of it after all.,Do not have strength,Fundamentally resistant to the power of the space。
“All right”Spring said。
“This is fine.?”Everyone glances。