Look in Wang Minghai,All the fault,All is Shen Xuan。

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people around me,This point of Wang Minghai said,In fact, it is still very much。
Just agreementary,They don’t know,Now,What should I do?。
And Wang Minghai http://www.wangxuqing.cn saw here,I don’t forget。
“Now,Let’s go back to the Wang Group。”
“And other families say,Let’s join hands together to do this kid.。”
With Wang Minghai, this exported,Others are more important。
“Great,In fact, we should have already done this.。”
“That’s right,I have been consuming here before,I have finally have this opportunity.。”
“In short, no matter what,Since our chance is coming,That’s now,Let’s work with major families.,Cutting him is not too easy to?”
These people look,Shen Xuan is even more,Not the power of major families。
And Wang Minghai,In fact, it is also intentional.。
After all, there is only this transfer target.,Others will pay attention to Shen Xuan。
In this case,Wang Minghai will not do something。
Only kill Shen Xuan,By the time,Wang Minghai’s secret,Will be buried forever in the depths of the ground,Never have a second person to know。
So in this case,Wang Minghai will be so anxious。
Just arrived in the Wang Group,Wang Minghai said directly。
“Wait,If there http://www.shuatuliao.cn are leisurers, there is no notification, etc.,Block them directly。”
Wang Minghai said,It is Shen Xuan。
The security guards are unclear,But since Wang Minghai told,They naturally know,What should I do next?。
“Good president,we know。”
These people have finished,It’s here.。
Although they don’t know why Wang Minghai said。
But according to their understanding of Wang Minghai,they know,Waiting for the matter。
In short, don’t think,But now start,some things,Start now,Still there is this necessary to solve it。
so,These people are here,Waiting message。
“How about it,Have him going back??”
Shen Xuan looks around the people,Asked directly。
Shen Xuan’s words exported,It is even more than a warrior with the warrior.。
“Leader,We see,He goes directly。”
With the people around you finish,This is http://www.gupiao101.cn to let Shen Xuan feel good.。
very good,This news,It is desirable for Shen Xuan.。
So here,Shen Xuan put his hand。
“In this case,So let’s go in it.。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let those people around you suddenly。
But since now,Shen Xuan has already said this.,These people are naturally following。
Location of the door,Loyal security guard,In the prevention of all possible bursts。
Alert,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support!
sudden,The sight of these people falls in Shen Xuan.。
Looking at Shen Xuan’s coming,It should be the sudden situation of their president。