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Wall micro recever,The female corpse has a sharp laughter,Double foot trampling the wall,Betting faster three points。
Liao Jie continues to transition,dodge,The female corpse is like a spring is installed.,Each pushing wall,It’s a sprint that is a sprint.。
Peripheral wall,More and more traces cut,The sound of the airflow is jealous is also intensive.。
Several deviation of the female corpse,Liao Jie gradually grasped the opponent’s attack rhythm,Extremely strong,But attack straight,Pre-proportionate, it is not difficult。
What is unexbeated?,The female corpse brokerage is too exaggerated,Unlike a corpse,How to say
More like people who have been attached,Overdraft body potential,Exchange an amazing speed and strength。
Obviously,This statement is not established,The female corpse is indeed a corpse,And the yin and yang eyes have not seen the soul inside.。
“Strange,A corpse can smile so seep,Is it a new zombie?”
Liao Jie sideways,The refinery of neon is too evil door,And the four-day stated is completely two systems。
Laughing,Female corpse feet in the wall,Body,Liao Jun, who is moving towards the past。
Although the whole processiss,Nothing at a time effective,But the female corpse seems to enjoy the identity of the killing,The look is more like one。
Just started,Can also see the people on her face,now,Torn mouth and ear,Completely distorted into a monster。
Liao Jie,The bow is going to sway the boat,Take the female corpse to accelerate,He slammed with a foot,Side of the sideways,Iron sand palm in the female corpse chest。
Two figure,Female corpse is still laughing,Liao Jie is dead nail,Right arm lifted up,Hold a few red lines in your hand。
Red silk flutters,In the female corpse charge to the last step,Female corpse neck、Shoulders、Leg position,Straightened red line quick knife cuts clothes flesh。
嗤!哧哧 哧哧
Red line is slow,Female corpse keeps the stage forward,Body overlay,Penny is like falling,Until the wall stopped。
“I always feel wrong,Where is it??”
Liao Jie,Lift the coffin floor,Go down a room。
on the ground,Female corpse blood dry,Drag black red thickness from the incision,The most traffic in the chest neck。
These viscous liquids are like a living,Slowly flowing in the ground,Link female corpse fragmented limbs and head,Drag back to torso a little。
The female corpse is heavy and light,The big mouth of the torn face,Send a scaather。
“I think of it.!”
Liao Jie bent from the coffin from the coffin:“It turned out that there is no knife,I said, where is it wrong?。”
“Small,You don’t work.!Seems no brain,But know how to think,How to refine?”
Liao Jie kicked the dead:“never mind,I am going to,Contact you again。”