She was a girl propped into the elevator,She was very excited to follow up。

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Afterward,As it happens,She was looking for when Lu Zi Ran,Really on the top floor presidential suite to see him,He drunk mess,His face was red,Unlike normal drunk,She look around,Just holding him up the girl is gone。
She excitedly called him a few times thought of here,Yan Zi Heng painful eyes closed。
So when she opened her eyes again,Her world is a clear and bright。
“Lu Lanran,From the beginning seven years ago,I told myself,It will not appear in front of you,I will not dwell,I will not be like you。
But this is a work accident,After work I would go back and finish,I will not be here to,You do not have this anti-me,Yan Zi Shu I have not cheap to send home to his own to others trample。”
The brusque finish,Yan Zi Shu turned to leave。
I love him so long,The last to know that he is unrequited love。
What a ridiculous and sad feelings ah,In fact, she has been hard on yourself。
Lu Zi Ran Zhengran in the place,She looked at the back hurriedly left,Know what to do。
“Bamboo,Two little,Just came in I met a beautiful woman,Haopiaoliangya,New artists our company.?”
Lu Yuli’s life assistant Dusin came in with breakfast.。
Lu Yuli still standing in place,Yes,She gave up is not the result you want??
“Bamboo!Two less,Why don’t you talk??”
Du Xin is not high,But the winner of the people,It is also very active for doing things.,Very brain,And very humorous。
Lu Yuli back,Looking at him faintly,Turning chair towards the desk,Sit down,His body rely on。
Skeleton’s slightly exhausted opening:“Breakfast, you eat it.,I am not hungry.。”
First2186Chapter Encounter5
“Ohole,Two less waiting for you to speak,I have waited for a light years.。”
Du Xin took the breakfast on the sofa on the side,Breakfast is eating a porridge。
Lu Yuli, breakfast, usually like to drink porridge,Different porridge, he likes。
However, he has been at home since he came back.,I don’t know what happened today.,Early morning seems to have in the company.,He also followed him yesterday.。
His agent is still his Mommy。
“Two less,I bought eight treasures porridge,Fragrant,Delicious。”
Because it is not sugar,He didn’t say sweet sweet words。
“Do not eat!”
Lu Yuli closed his eyes,Full of the mind is like a scorpion.。
“Lu Lanran,From seven years ago,I will warn myself.,Will not appear in front of you,Will not entangle,Never like you any more。
But this time is an accident,I will go back after work.,I will never go here again.,You don’t have to prevent me like this,I still have to send myself to the door.。”
This,Also repeatedly appeared in his mind。
There have never been a woman to affect his emotions.,In addition to Song Jiandi 。
This is a girl who is distressed from small.。
Yes,Who else is chair??
The people he like is condensed。
Lu Yuli stressed all the uncomfortable heart,Open your eyes,I saw Song Jiao, who came in and walked in.。 Du Xinyi,Second, less than a breakfast he bought,It turned out to be waiting for the woman who liked.。