Alice nodded,Also,“Except for him,He also took a hand named Liuhe Mountain.,Say。”

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Martin stunned,Follow-up,“Then come together,Come here,Everything is not allowed。”
Alice turned around。
the other side。
America,Beingsham City。
A hotel,Gangan hung up the phone,The corner of the mouth pulls out the cold。
Immediately turned to Liuhe Mountain Road,“The people who are headquarters headquarters for a while will arrive.,Be prepared。”
Liuhe Mountain’s mouth pumping,Strong heart fluctuations,Ask,“grown ups,The headquarters of the Great League is actually here.?”
He was originally prepared to send people to search for the trace behind White,But I don’t want to be brought by Gano.。
Gano is unclear,But how can Liuhe Mountain not know,Beingsham City is a border city of rice.。
He didn’t expect,Headquarters of the Great League,It is located in this place.。
“I have no idea。”
Goleo shook his head,“That time I am coming with the summer.,After waking up, I was in the headquarters of the gods.。”
Toned,Also,“When I recover free and out,It was blinded,period,Sitting a car,Also sitting,Jossimo is allowed to pick up the head after three or four hours.,Later I only know,At that time I appeared where,Is a city of a Seattle in the country。”
Liuhe Mountain stunned,“That’s not right.,If the gods of the gods headquarters are here,Three or four hours can’t get Seattle……Um?”
What did he think of,Immediately。
“what have you found?”
Gordo coagulated。
He has also been guessing the position of the headquarters of the gods.。
Liuhe Mountain will expand the world map bought in advance,Say,“I am still uncertain……”
Say,He pointed with his finger on the map,“To say that the only common point of these two places,That is, they are very close to Ghana.。”
Toned,“Adult, please see,Seattle is only big from Ghana230kilometer,And our Bayenham City,As long as you have a peaceful customs,only need to40kilometer,It is Ghana.。”
Merely,He added,“Ghana Ghana and Mi Country border,It is the longest in the world,It is also a border that doesn’t have defense.,Insert。”
“What you mean……Headquarters of the Great League in Ghana?”
“I speculate like this。”
Though,Liuhe Mountain is very secure,“On the area of land,Ghana Ranking World Second,Even surpassing Huaxia,the most important is,Ghana is a real magnitude,Adult, you can imagine,A country that is larger than the country of China,There is only more than 3 million people,How many people are 3 million?,Just the capital of our country,Two million people……I want the president of the Great League Headquarters.,Also choose to set up headquarters in this country,Constipation and convenient。”
Gordo is also extremely rare.。
He is only a foreign person.。
Although I got out of the door for a long time.,But a lot of things,Still not so understanding。
I heard the analysis of Liuhe Mountain at this moment.,I have a little bit。
But he did not go to your heart.。
Because he knows this time,Unexpected。