Chen Le will be down soon,He said in surprise:“director,You are so fast!”

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Peng Changyi said:“I came back without eating after class,Didn’t even return to the dormitory,have you eaten?”
“I just ordered two boxes of lunch,We both ate。”
Peng Changyi saw a paper bag in his hand,Just reach out。Chen Le sat next to him,Give him the bag,After Peng Changyi opened,Pour out the contents directly,Have ID、driver license、Work Permit,There are also pages of interrogation transcripts with countless red handprints。
Peng Changyi read the transcript from beginning to end,He just knew,Original photo from the coffee shop last time,Also from this man named Hou Qing。
From this transcript,Peng Changyi understands all the circumstances behind the sneak shots。
Hou Qing,He is the nephew of Vice President Hou of Starlight Group,I studied landscaping in college,After graduation,I went to work at Starlight Group,Due to low qualifications,Nothing to do,Has always been an unknown employee in the company。
This time Starlight Group is coming to Kangzhou,Undertook the construction of the square project and the later reconstruction project of the surrounding urban area,The Kangzhou project is in full control of his uncle Hou and vice president,Hou Qing came to Kangzhou with his uncle,At a private banquet of President You,He met Mr. You’s girlfriend Yuan Xiaoyan,When Yuan Xiaoyan knew he was at the Kangzhou construction site,I offered him a glass of wine,later,When he returned to the head office,Occasionally I ran into Yuan Xiaoyan who came to the company to find Mr. You,Yuan Xiaoyan wants his contact information,I said I might ask him for help in the future。
Of course Hou Qing dare not neglect Mr. You’s girlfriend,Say something right away,I am willing to serve you。A few more days,Hou Qing received a call from Yuan Xiaojian,Call him when he returns to Beijing,Something。Hou Qing immediately said if something happened,I will go back tonight。
In a western restaurant,Hou Qing and Yuan Xiaojian met,Yuan Xiaoyan handed him a very small and exquisite fully automatic camera,Push it in front of Hou Qing,Explained to him the task of taking pictures of the private life of Changjiang Fan in Kangzhou City。
Hou Qing started to quit,Say you let me do anything,I dare to shoot Gong Li and Zhang Yimou secretly,But I dare not take pictures of the mayor,Annoyed him,Let’s not talk about our engineering,I will be sent to court。Yuan Xiaoyan said with a smile,Not that serious,Candid photos violated the law and order management regulations at most,If you really have to deal with it, it means you will be fined。rest assured,I won’t let you be dealt with,Furthermore,Even if you are caught by the mayor,Hou and You,And I,We will protect you,Just say you are an amateur photographer,I only caught him occasionally。
Hou Qing is still hesitating,Yuan Xiaoyan put a bulging envelope prepared in front of him,Then said,Just promise to do this for me,I will let you enter the company’s senior management immediately,Assistant to President You,Exercising his power in Kangzhou for him。Hou Qing knew it was impossible to exercise power,Uncle is now in charge of the Kangzhou project,But if you can become President You’s assistant,Then he would be one step closer to Feihuang Tengda,So I put the money in my pocket,Pick up the camera,Agreed to Yuan Xiaoyan’s request。really,a week later,Hou Qing was appointed as assistant to the president by the group company。
at the beginning,Hou Qing didn’t have time to go out and take pictures of Jiang Fan,Because he also has his own job,Half a month passed,Yuan Xiaoyan saw Hou Qing not moving,Just call him,I asked him impatiently to stare at Jiang Fan。
Hou Qingxiang,I can’t stare at him,Can only stand by his place,Under normal circumstances,If an official wants to get a woman,Will always bring it back,After staring for a while,Didn’t find Jiang Fan led the woman in and out。
Ask the Kangzhou Quality Supervision Department to finish the meal once,When I went to drink coffee again,He found that Jiang Fan and two or three people were drinking coffee inside,Among them there is a woman,Hou Qing doesn’t pay much attention to local TV shows in Kangzhou,I didn’t care about this woman,Didn’t want to shoot,After sending off the guests,Hou Qing thought for a while or took them down,Save Yuan Xiaoyan saying that his work is not progressing,Took his money for nothing。