Foreign media: Shatin said that Taiwan will not participate in the "Indo -Pacific Economic Framework"

According to reports on May 22, according to Kyodo News on May 22, Jack Shalin, assistant to US President’s National Security Affairs, said on the 22nd that the government of US President Joe Biden will launch the so -called Indo -Pacific Economic Framework as a key tool for regional contact The Taiwan authorities will not be members of this framework.

It is reported that this framework is called the so -called Indo -Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), and whether the Taiwan authorities will join the attention. This framework is expected to start on the 23rd.

The State Council spokesman Ma Xiaoguang previously stated that no matter what economic framework he wants to participate in Taiwan, the premise must be in line with a Chinese principle. We oppose Taiwan’s participation in any official economic and trade arrangement or sign an official economic and trade agreement. As for the concept of the U.S. government’s constant hype of India, and engaging in the so -called Indo -Pacific strategy, it is essentially an attempt to engage in small circles to curb China. The DPP authorities attempted to squeeze into such a small circle to fully expose its nature of leaning on beauty and provocation in the mainland. (Compiled/Zhao Feifei).