Huzhou Changxing established the first national legal "river day"

  On November 27, the 39th meeting of the 16th National People’s Congress of the 16th National People’s Congress of Huzhou City was approved on November 28 to "River Day" in Changxing County. As the first legislation of the country, the county of the "River Long Day", Changxing will promote the long development of the long development of the river long system, further mobilize the problems of the river to discover all levels, report the problem, supervision.

At the same time, further starting the river long brands and enhances the atmosphere of the national treatment of water.

  In October 2003, Changxing issued a long-term appointment document, from the Changxing County Water Resources Bureau, the responsible person of the Sanitation Department, served as the urban river, carried out a dredging and cleaning of the urban water system, thereby creating a long system.

In 2013, the Heavy system was implemented in Zhejiang. On November 28, 2016, the General Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Implementing the Heavy System", decided to fully implement the river long system in the country.

In 2019, the "New China’s first" series reported the story of the river from Changxing, established the status of Changxing River Changing. In 18 years, Changxing continues to improve the river long system work system, and has achieved a series of results in Wuxi (River Long System).

Wuwei Zhi (River Long System) The masses satisfaction in Wuzhou first, Changxing River Long-term exhibition hall was selected in the fourth batch of national waterfare education base, and was selected from the first batch of pilot counties in Happiness, Zhejiang Province, won the Zhejiang Five The highest award of the water treatment (river long system) "Daxie Ding" Yin Ding. This year, Changxing 27 residential communities "sewage zero-discrete area" have been completed, complete the construction self-examination of 23 industrial parks "sewage zero-discrete zone", successfully created Hongqiao Qikou Water and Coal Mountain Beibei Beautiful River Lake. Changxing 481 rivers (lake) long social patrol rate, sign-in ratio, log rate, and closed rate reached 100%.

  Practice has proved that the "river long system" not only solves the problem of complex water, but also safeguards the health of the river lake, but also drives green development and promotes the construction of ecological civilization.

Today, 481 rivers and lakes, 2029 small micro-water ponds, long, long, Wan famous party members are active on Changxing Water Front, and will continue to protect the happiness of the river.

  18 years of exploration development, practical innovation, Changxing River long-term work grew into an iterative upgrade era.

In order to solve the problem of blocking points of river lake data dispersion, cross-sectoral coordination, and driving the head of the Helang Lake to integrate, high-efficiency and synergy, in recent years, Changxing has been promoted to the digital reform of the Heng Lake Changhua, and explored "1+ 4 + 2 + N "reform system.

The system uses the "Changxing River Long Online" as a leader, forming a multi-across coordinated river long system working model, realizing a picture of the river lake leader, the rivers and heads of the rivers, the evaluation of the assessment, fairness, system governance Efficient, fully promote the rivers and lake’s long-term work iteration, ensuring that the rivers and lakes are "famous and effective". Director Qian Xiangliang, director of Changxing County Water Conservancy Bureau, through continuous promotion of river long system reform, Changxing has initially realized digital treatment water.

At present, Changxing has 2,298 water conservancy monitoring sites, covering Changxing important river and water conservancy projects, further improving the level of control of the river lake. (Meilin Rong, Cao Meiling) (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Meqi) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.