Guarding the Snow Plateau

  Protecting the Snow Plateau ecological environment, building an important national ecological safety barrier, which is related to the survival and long-term development of the Chinese nation.

Comrade Wang Junzheng emphasized in the report made by the Tenth Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, and must protect the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau’s ecology as the greatest contribution to the survival and development of the Chinese nation, guarding the Snowy Plateau’s life grass, Wanshui Qianshan. Attending the tenth party congress representatives of the General Assembly and the people of all nationalities believe that Wang Junzheng, the report of Wang Junzheng, the report of the General Secretary Wang Junzhi, the general secretary of the General, and the comprehensive implementation of the intension of the Treasures of the True Ecological Civilization and the Party of the New Edition. For the next five years Our district vigorously strengthened the construction of ecological civilization, building a national ecological safety barrier, achieving the ecological civilization system is more robust, and striving to build a new Tibet, a new Tibet, which is a new Tibet, which has been compliant, and provides follows.

  Luo Jue, the tenth party congress of the Autonomous Region, said Luo Jue, the Party Secretary of the Ali Regional Ecological Environment, said that the reports made by Comrade Wang Junzheng fully reflect the willingness and voice of the people of all national cadres in the district, especially from eight aspects of the next five years. The province stabilizes the prospects of the various undertakings of ecological sighs will stop the enthusiasm and motivation of all national cadres in the district to promote high-quality development and long-term future. Roger said that in recent years, the ecological economy system of green and rich people in Ali is gradually improved. The ecological and security system of the mountain Qingshui Show is fully built, not only 11 ecological industrial parks and bases such as Gul County Ecological Agriculture Demonstration Park, but also 8479 mu of ecological nursery. The rivers and listed rivers and lakes in the whole region, the five-level rivers and lakes are full coverage, and the scope of Qiangtang National Nature Reserve is adopted by approval. Ma Shiyi is promoted to the national nature reserve. This is five years we have conscientiously implement Xi Jinping Ecology. The vividness of civilized thinking is a microcosm of the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection results in our district under the strong leadership of the district party committee. Roger said that next step, we must conscientiously implement the spirit of the party congress, firmly establish the concept of "two mountains", insist on the responsibility of history, responsible for the people, responsible for the world, put the ecological civilization to build a more prominent position , Consolidate the results of the creation of the national ecological civilization construction demonstration area, implement a batch of key projects such as ecological environment comprehensive management, soil and light loss, wetland protection, biodiversity protection, deepen pollution prevention and control, strictly adhere to the ecological protection of the red line bottom line system, for our district Strive to achieve the construction of ecological civilization walking in the forefront of this goal. "The report made by Comrade Wang Junzheng fits in Tibet, reflecting the willingness of the people, and is a guide to promote high quality development.

In particular, the goal of building a national ecological safety barrier is, which is our scientific and pragmatic and follow the direction of the construction of ecological civilization. Director of the Tenth Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, Director of the Shannan Soil and Water Conservation Monitoring Center, said, "Let the spirit of the party congress in the autonomous region in the first line, expensive, and focus on implementation.

"Donza said that we must consciously use the conference spiritual armed brain, guide work, adhere to system concepts, strengthen key regional governance, and focus on promoting key ecological environmental protection of lake ecological protection repair projects in Yajiang River Basin, putting ecological environmental protection With urban and rural construction, rural residence, rural people ‘s environmental remediation, tourism industry development, and consolidate expansion of the renewal of poverty, and effectively meet the needs of the people on the beautiful ecological environment. "Comrade Wang Junzheng is not only a shining grade Single, it is also a wonderful people’s people’s vision, the ‘adherence to ecological protection first’, let our grassroots cadres and the masses of the countryside, the road is hard, confident, more powerful! "Representative of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, deputy villagers of Township, Molan County, Linzhi City, the secretary of the Dihang Village Party Branch, said that Gao Rong said, close attention to the new goal, we must take the spirit of the party congress Guide, solidly promote the implementation of the rural revitalization, adhere to people and nature harmonious symbiosis, take the road to the green development of the countryside, so that good ecology has become a strong support point for rural revitalization. "We have to grab a small thing around you, practice ‘two mountain’ theory Advocate resource saving, strengthen pollution prevention, strictly implement the red line of cultivated land, maintain soil environmental safety and stability, and strive to form a good atmosphere of environmental protection, ensuring continuous improvement of the ecological environment.

Gao Rong said.

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