Guiyang and other five cities signed the Yangtze River banned joint law enforcement cooperation agreement

This newspaper on November 18, Guiyang City, Bijie City, Zunyi City, Anshun City and Qiannan Buyi Miao Autonomous Prefecture Five Cities (state) held a joint law enforcement cooperation agreement for the Yangtze River "10-year ban" joint law enforcement agreement in Guiyang, all parties Will join hands from "water" to "shore" to build a rigorous line of the Yangtze River. The agreement signed by this signed agreement has been brought to the scope of the law enforcement in Guizhou Province. It is proposed to establish a key-to-selection mechanism for the establishment of key waters in the Yangtze River Basin. Promotion and reporting mechanism. According to the agreement, the five cities (state) will establish a ban on the joint meeting of the ban on law enforcement, interactive information, joint consultation, and the meeting is taken by the Guiyang Agricultural Rural Area, the five cities (state) turns, at least once a year; five cities (state Each of the establishment of a liaison, responsible for the communication between the prohibition of law enforcement related matters; the joint propaganda inspection action is organized in principle; the illegal fishing behavior in the linkage waters will be held in accordance with the principle of "who found, who is disposing" The two parties should be published in the linked waters. All parties must give full play to their respective functions, strengthen work links and coordination, and build a good atmosphere of fishery law enforcement supervision, and form a combination of combating fishery resources violations, protect aquatic biological resources and ecological environment. The signing of this agreement broke the department and the regional barrier, woven the province’s "one network" supervision pattern, forming a strong synerg of joint defense association, laid the battle for Guizhou to win the Yangtze River "ten years of blessing fishing" solid foundation. (Guiyang Daily Tong Media Reporter Wanli) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.