“But brother。。。,I see,sorry”Sasuke hesitated,But seeing serious expressions,Still a small little Li Dao apologize。

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“no, I’m fine,I didn’t pay attention.”Xiao Li said。
“This child,Have we seen it?”Some of the eyes of the springs。
Good perception,Spring is shocked。
“no,no,I just think that the big brother is good.”Spring said。
“Oh,This way.”Mosquard laughing。
“elder brother,Let’s go,You said to take me”The Sasuo is not happy over there.,I want to leave.。
“Excuse me,I still have something,Don’t bother you.”
It’s said that it was taken to leave.。
“That devil is really hateful.”I looked at the two people who watched away every day.。
“Why didn’t you open it?”Springs fun。
It seems that there is an incident to start,But this is not what he can manage.,Spring looked back and saw a direction of his hand and Sasuke。
“I open my mouth,These two are the Yuxi Bo family,That high is obviously Ninja”I haven’t said good every day.。
I noticed the family emblem on the two people every day.。
“And our Miss Tiantian http://www.tlccrew.cn does not dare to sin.”Spring smiles。
Then I escape the little fist that waves every day.。
“You hate”Everyday delicacy,Just chase with Spring.。
Xiao Li also laughed with it.。
Leisure summer vacation is like this,Although Quan Wei is also very urgent to learn Chekra。
But people whisper,Even if you go to ask for a teacher,It is estimated that teachers will not tell him.。
“classmates,Is the summer vacation playing happy?”Early gentle,But Springs always feel some meaningful。
“Happy!”The following students are smiling and said。
“So next course,I haven’t been so easy before.”After saying the morning, I also saw the spring.。
Will it see me?,Quan Yi, one head question mark。
“Next,Our courses are outdoor classes,Everyone comes to me.”Early said。
After the early morning, I came to the school http://www.sxyoga.cn outside the school.,There is still a wood in not far away。
“This is the second year you enter the Ninja School.,Our courses are the training of the body,There is no strong body, but when you can’t”Early saying。
Isn’t this the training I did?,Spring,I haven’t waited for the spring.。
“Now give me a ten ring around the wood.,immediately”Early is seriously in an instant。
Quanyi, one of course, I don’t dare to say anything.,I started running.。
The team of messy started to run around the grove,The area of the woods is not big,But for a general child,Running ten laps is still quite difficult。
“Ratio”I didn’t know when I went to the front of the spring.。
“Ratio”Springs can not be ignored,I have been exercised for so long.,More than you,Since you find abuse,Then don’t blame me.。