“Oh my God。。。”

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Qi Tianxiao held http://www.yytgd.cn his forehead slightly,The image of the unsmiling suzerain in the impression completely collapsed,Looks like a foodie right now!
“metropolitan,Are you still eating?”
Fu Ming forced to hold back a smile,Ask。
“No more,Such a delicious thing,Can’t waste,Save it next time”
Bai Ting waved his hand slightly,His kind.
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Nine
“how,Haven’t thought about it yet,The anger of vibrating is not something you can bear!”
Li Heng’s face is plain,He only thought that they didn’t dare to provoke upset,But forgot,The guys in front of you,A group of desperadoes!
call out!
The sound of breaking through the air,Li Heng quickly returned the carriage,His eyes gradually turned cold。
“This,Is our answer!”
Everyone behind the man smiled,The breath of the body rises slightly。
“seek death!”
Li Heng cursed secretly,Look towards http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn Fuming。
“Stay in the carriage,If the situation is wrong, just run in a carriage,Did you hear that!”
“it is good”
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty
“Stop,I didn’t provoke them,They feared me first,Then he started on me,I just counterattack passively”