He took a look,See the red cover with the words Munitions Department,There is also a golden five-pointed star,I opened it and saw that it was a special production and business license or something like that,Stamped with the military seal。

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Because he has never seen such a certificate,So I can’t help but frown in wonder,Shen Sheng:“What kind of approval is this?”
“Let me see。”Captain Fu hurried over and took the approval,After he saw the content of the approval, he couldn’t help but startled,Angry voice:“What kind of approval is this??How come I have never seen it?”
“Just,I have never seen!What I want is the approval issued by our bureau!”Deputy Sun was full of displeased expression,“This approval is useless!”
“Isn’t it clear on the approval?,Pharmaceutical production involves military secrets,Health Bureau、The Food and Drug Administration has no right to intervene!”Mo Xiaosheng fixed his voice with his hands behind his back。
“You say yes,How do i know it’s real or fake?”Deputy Sun said with a calm face,“Isn’t it the fake certificate you got to fool us??”
“Sun Deputy Bureau,how could it be possible,Really,This is true。”Manager Sui suddenly became anxious,Quickly explained,“You didn’t see the military stamp……”
“You still have the face to say!”
I didn’t wait for Manager Sui to finish,Deputy Bureau Sun said that he rushed over and slapped him on the head.,Sternly:“Say it yourself,When you were a manager in another pharmaceutical factory a few years ago,,I have been caught several false certificates by Lao Tzu?”
Manager Sui shrank his neck and hid,Aggrieved:“That’s before,But our certificate is indeed genuine……”
“Fuck you,Lie to the ghost,I thought your army opened it!”Deputy Sun kicked him aside while talking。
“Correct,This certificate must be fake,He knew that he would not be able to obtain a certificate through formal channels,So I deliberately got such a fake certificate to scare us,Fucking with the military,The military knows which green onion you count?”
Captain Fu also echoed coldly,He didn’t believe that Mo Xiaosheng could get the military approval,Lu Xiaojin told him,This factory is remembered by Mo Xiaosheng himself,Nothing to do with anyone。
And as far as he knows,The military has its own medicine channel,Are some well-known large pharmaceutical companies in the country,How could you cooperate with this unknown Mo Xiaosheng?。
“The more I look at this approval, the more fake it looks,Fuck you mom of!”Deputy Bureau Sun carefully scanned the approval letter in his hand,Feel very problematic。
“What is it like?,Clearly fake!”