Qin Ning looked at the safe in the corner,The gloomy eyes are lying out of the strange brilliance。

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Lu Haokai is also pleased to laugh,All hopes in this safe。
Lu Haokai asked quickly:“Mother,Do you know the password??”
Qin Ning looked back at him,“Do you still use a password now??All fingerprint,Go to the hospital,I record your father’s fingerprint,That is to prevent,Now I finally sent it.。”
Qin Ning smiled,Lu Wei,You are in the mall, you will be in the sky.,After all, I am not my opponent.。
In the past, in order to get Lu Wei,She wants to do various ways,Sacrifice several times ,Only sent yourself to the bed of Lu Wei,at last,Let Lu Jian, who use the means to stop.,She entered the land of the land,Squeeze Xu Muqing。
Now,All of this is her。
Only Lu Wei’s idiots will treat her as a treasure in his hand.,Take care of her for more than 20 years。
Lu Haokai stationed on the side of the mood waiting。
The door of the safe is opened,And the empty is empty。
Qin Ning is stupid,The body shakes it,I thought it was wrong.,Quickly reach out and explore it,Remain empty。
Lu Haokai is also in the original place,All hopes to be cast by a pot of sudden cold water。
“how so?impossible,How can I be empty here??impossible。”Qin Ning is shining,A painful,Madwood shot safe。
“Mother,What should I do now??”Lu Haokai has no idea,All hopes seem to be shattered at this moment.。
Qin Ning quickly turned to see a desk,She went over and found a circle.,Nothing found。
“Your father’s money http://www.cyyzb.cn holder??He is generally used to put on the desk,I am not seen now.?”Qin Ning’s desk pushed the book to the ground,Open the drawer to check,Still not find the trace of the wallet。
“impossible。”Qin Ning looked mad and looked at the book that was messy by her.。
Lu Haokai asked:“Is it that Lu Hao Chengjie。”
Qin Ning looked at him:“Kaikai,You go to check the surveillance record。”
Lu Haokai sighed:“Mother,Because Dad’s things,All the monitors at home are broken.。”
“what……”Qin Ning is angry with anger,She looks gloomy, she looks at an abnormal terrible。
“damn it。”Lu Haokai,The face is distorted。
Qin Ning is a fear,Feeling that you lose all everything。
What should we do now?
Now how do she have to explain the group of people in the board。
Qin Ning’s nervous move revealed her anxious mood.。
http://www.byx365.cn “Kaikai,If it is not Lu Haozheng,Isn’t that your father has a preparation for us??Transfer all property?”Now except this idea,She doesn’t know what to do.。
Have a lucky one,How is it so bad now?。
Lu Haokai suddenly thought about what,Immediately look up at my mother:“Mother,Dad’s share,We immediately return to the company,Turn your father’s shares under your name or is my name,Thus,We have the time to ease.。”
Qin Ning suddenly had a main bone,Nodded,Collapse your own panic,She can’t be in trouble,She must calm down these things。
Qin Ning Road:“Kaikai,We immediately return to the company。”
Mother and child,The wind is fired。
Lin Dami and Gu Xihong,Take care of your grandmother,Sitting in the living room,Seeing the things of Lu family,Lin Dynasty is unbelievable。
“Does Qin Ning really http://www.canyinb.cn will misappropriate public funds??”
Gu Xiandai:“What is this woman can’t do it?。That night,I obviously heard a noisy voice next door.。”