And the summer is coming to the past,Blocking in front of him。

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Bruce figure shakes,Hate,Repented very much。
Higher mouth,Double-eye of compliance is usually dead, staring at summer,Cruel,“Little scorpion,Dare to sneak me,Summer, then I believe you can stop me.?”
He thought it would be directly to the summer.,if that’s the case,It is very likely that it will fall on the spot.。
But now Xia Jiu quietly chasing the sky,Bruce heart suddenly gave birth to a big joy。
He thinks that he is not enemy summer,Summer……He is still not in the eyes。
Summer snake knife,The face is revealed,“So big anthropoachagy,I still want to kill me.?
Where is the confidence。”
“Small hybrid,I will kill you!”
Bruce is extremely powerful,It seems that the main general of storm,Weekly air is stunned。
I actively rushed to the summer.。
However, after three steps,His shape disappeared,Only a fan-like wind is spent。
Summer shape is like transient,Continuous removal,Continuous movement。
Anti-storm,Suddenly turned, it is a hitting,Knife torn air,Like a rush, the waves are suddenly separated.。
Right side front,Dull sound,Bruce fell out from the air。
He is pale,Unbelievable in the eyes,“How do you find me?,There is also the last time in the country of the country.,It is also someone to detect me in advance.,how did you do that!”
Bruce can cultivate the wind to the heavens,It is enough to explain his power。
And he is extremely confident about its own ability.。
Summer is in a three-meter to detect him,It is because Xia Jiu’s own gas is too powerful.。
As long as there is some different,Can be perceived by the other party。
But Bruce does not think that there is such a powerful gas in the summer.。
But two consecutive times,He is all imperative to perceive in summer。
This is obviously abnormal。
“You still have a confused.。”
Summer follows before,Snake knife,Tattoo knife is obliquely。
“Small hybrid,I really thought that I didn’t have you?。”
Bruce sways a large blade,Condensed,Glare flow,Summer knife。
“Rumble”The sound of the wind is connected,The green light of the sky is overwhelmed by the two people.。
Summer face a white,Three steps backwards,Bruce is also not good,The figure is back to a step。
His eyes are like a ghost,Face 狰狞 distortion。
“I really regret it.,I know today’s words,I was in the big rift,Even if I expose my own,I should also kill the summer.!Never let you grow up to today!”
I don’t know the details in the summer.,But after listening at this moment,A pair of swords,“You are also here.?”
“Ha ha。”
Bruce laughs,“Not only I am,Lingtian is also,We all put cannon gray,Dark midders attacked Xia Qixiu,Let her hurt the injury,if not,How can those people jumped into the big ripple。”
The summer is in the eyes of the endless killing。