Month: February 2022

Wuhan Economic Development Zone Dongfeng Phoenix Supporting Kindergarten strives to open in 2022

From November 9-10, 2021, party and government agencies and units in Hubei replied 14 netizens in Hubei Province. Among them, Zaoyang Municipal People’s Government, Guangshui People’s Government, Wuhan Economic and

The flag is clearly polished, and it is concerned (deep concern, putting a good tradition into the new journey (16))

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the banner has clear politics, which is both a distinctive character of the Marxist party, and is also the political advantage of our party.

The first batch of national collection high-value medical supplies coronary brackets landed in Chengdu

On January 20, 2021, the results of the national organizational coronary stent concentrated ribbon procurement were implemented in Chengdu. Chengdu Seventh People’s Hospital, Qingbaijiang People’s Hospital, Duo City Medical Center