Month: September 2021

Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“Why do you feel that you can’t beat others?Do you think your acting skills are not good?”

Lu Shanshan does not deny,Nod directly:“Yes,I feel that I am far from others。Actually, Brother Liang deliberately asked me to change roles with him,Actually it’s not necessary to change,Just want people

Lu Ban can’t stand the look in his eyes,Looked back at the dark and damp stairs,It seems that it is safer to go in。

Being handsome can be troublesome sometimes。 Entered the second floor,I suddenly felt that this is indeed a place for performances。 Performance stage,Audience seat,Neat and tidy,Even every stool,Every floor is polished

Xu Sheng, who was sitting on the sidelines, slowly turned around,Then take a step,The figure goes farther and farther……

“If Uncle Hao,If you can do it……” After Xu Sheng left,Tang Hao Affected by Old Diseases,Weak body was forced to squat down,The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand disappeared…… He