Month: July 2021

Huaiye frowned directly,Of course he remembers this Zhang Xiaojiang,The Zhang Xiaojiang who almost killed his treasure。

“Wasn’t he transferred for negligence??Why did it pop up again?” “They just dormant。Shelter from the limelight。”Ou Baobao picks vegetables for Huaiye,“Eat quickly。Deal with these people,Affect appetite。But the more it affects

Lin Yanyi listen,Smiled,Said:“I mean you are so nervous as a lesbian,If it wasn’t for Secretary Peng driving a motorcycle,,I broke both legs。”

“Oh,Changyi?Others?” “gone,He goes to work。”Lin Yan saw Jiang Fan no longer speak,I am embarrassed to say:“mayor,I’m not good today,I’m indeed a bit nagging,Don’t be angry,I’ll treat those things as gifts….”