I see my life for ten years to take her home.。”

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“That is true love.!”
Blue Xin smiles。
Joe Yiyi said no cold:“Why are you sticking to a flower??
This world,Wanzi thousand red flowers are?。
”Lin Yu Tian glanced at her,Tone is not cold:“I will want that one in the violet, I want there.。”
Joe Yiyi:“Dead heart!”
Lin Biao:“That is always better than the heart of Han。”
Joe Yiyi:“”How can she not encounter such an infatuated man??
What is the most stronger thing in her every day is that every day, it will be more refined in the makeup room.,Let yourself with a temperament that makes men want to stop,I hope to find a good man.。
Unfortunately, myma is more lucky.。
One luxury room。
Learist in black suit,Stand in front of the window,Hand holds a cigar,Dislocious,After http://www.zrzhe.cn three days of rest,A lot of spirit。
Although two 鬓 鬓 白,But the body management is very good,Look at the past,Temperament,A pair of dark eyes such as the vast star river high-profile,Take a few points。
Head of life,Successful person from the inside,The charm is not mining。
A middle-aged man in a fifty-year-old is coming in.,Friendly standing behind him。
“Chairman,Lu Hao came。”
Lith is nodded,Slowly turning through the body。
“Afu,Remember what I said,Tonight is just a small tapping knife,Give Lu Haocheng some warning,It belongs to me,I have to come back slowly.。”
Grunge is cold and long-term wind frost,It is full of strong hatred in the eyes。
Afu nodded:“Chairman,I understand。
Young master and lady,There are still a few lady already ready.。”
“Um,Let it go。”
Lith http://www.byccwsd.cn watches the clothes on both,Above the momentum。
“Mr. Li is coming.。”
Population,Someone shouted。
Everyone’s eyes look at the places where people are surging,I only see Learby as headed.,Lady surrounded by three morphia,There are still a few fashionable girls and beauty,Go together in the crowd。
Lu Haocheng also heard the news。
Several people came out of the private room,Standing in the crowd looking at the rithaby。
Lucky and surrounded guests。
He is accompanied by the three ladies,Stepping on the red carpet to the crystal station in the middle of the hall,Laugh at everyone。
The three ladies are more beautiful than one.,Wear more elegant,Looking at everyone with generous smile。
As they appear,The media also appeared in the hall,A strong shoot。
European:“Low-key banner,But do such a high-profile thing,This Lower Director is really can’t understand.。”
Mu Zizi looked at the Lithuan:“What does this don’t understand?,In their eyes,Such a scene is indeed very low.。”
Lu Haocheng looked like Lithuan like:“See what he can play。”
“Hello, everyone,Thank you very much for your busy schedule to participate in this banquet.,Li can be a privileged,Everyone comes to gather here,Talk about things about business。”