“sister in law,Give me a bowl again.,Some days haven’t drank,This feels that a bowl is not addicted.。”

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“Giggle, drink more,Several leaders on your side do not have to add soup?”
The first thousand seventy-four chapters of straw bales
“Hey-hey,use,Must use it,Let me do it,I will give them soup。”
Said that Li Hui also took directly from Liu Mei to the water scorpion and then full of full,Go directly to add http://www.go-king.cn soup.。
“Xiao Li,You have a waiter.,Actually, you have to do your hand.。”
In the face of Songshimin’s ridicule,Li Hui also laughs:“That deserves to see who,Average person, I don’t give it a service.,But you still have a few big brothers to serve.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng also added it directly to the four people’s bowls.。
Song Shimin eats,It is also praised。
“So pure mutton soup, I haven’t been drinking for a long time.,I have been drinking in the county.,But all other seasonings have been added,Come out of the taste。”
“Hey-hey,uncle,The fritted fritters are also very good.,And it is still very cheap,Or former old price。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Songshimin is also a little curious.。
It is also full of people there.,The same one is very fragrant。
This moment,Song Shimin suddenly wanted to try,But watching the mutton soup in the bowl,He does not help but be a pocket.。
Li Hui Feng also saw Songshimin’s gaze,Other people also mean too much。
I immediately got up and bought two pounds.。
See the fritted strip bundled with straw,Songshimin also felt that it was when he was young.。
“This straw,This bundle of techniques,It’s really special.,Now the street alley is with plastic belt,Previously no plastic bags,They are all reeds with straw or riverside,Environmental protection is not wasteful。”
“Now people are life.,Everything is convenient.。”
When I said this,Songshimin also recalled the previous scene。
I used to even even the coins here.,Most of the food tickets,Dump,A big golder deer,Big Phoenix’s bicycle is even with the BMW now,Audi。
Later, get better and better,Start with wheat to change instant noodles,Cornflower。
There are still a lot of memories.,All came out one by one。
“Hey-hey,uncle,But now the new era,Let’s see it forward.,After all, the times are progressing in progress. If you don’t follow up.,That will be eliminated。”
Li Hui said that it is also directly with chopsticks to eat a fritter.。
I heard Li Hui’s words,Songshimin also laughed directly。
“Correct,Your kid is right.,We should have to follow the times.,Otherwise it will be eliminated.,But there is another point,The essence left by the old generation can’t give up.,For http://www.byccwsd.cn example, fritters bundled with wheat,It is very environmentally friendly。”
“Hey-hey,Uncle, you have a little bit this.,So here, you have to develop it.,Tourists are more,We will use environmentally friendly materials。”
“As for such straw binding fritters, we will continue,Unless someone wants to take it home,We will use plastic bags,Otherwise, we don’t have to use it as much as possible.。”
Li Hui said like this,It is a little embarrassing that Songshimin is sorry.。
“Xiao Li,I said that I said.,Don’t you do anything?,After all, what happens, I also know,To develop, you must abandon,Your village is very good.,Let me have a feeling of steaming in the country when I returned to the previous reform and opening up.。”
“Of course, our great motherland is still progressing.,Just this kind of progress, I have a feeling http://www.open3dnet.cn that I don’t want to go in.,So sometimes think about it is very lost.。”
Say this,Songshimin also laughed in myself.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,You said this, you can’t,No one is not lost when it is lost.,And how do you say that you have experienced a lot of people?,Others are envy that you are too late.,You actually feel lost.。”
“If you are, if you are listening to my father,I will feel that you are deliberate.。”