Staying up late is the chief culprit in the liver _1

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Staying up late is the chief culprit of the liver

When you sleep, people also consume more energy, consume less, and naturally tend to appear too much, but because there is no physical activity after staying up late, there is unfortunate liver, obesity is biased.

銆€銆€First of all, in terms of human energy consumption, the energy consumption of the human body is not only the physical exertion that we can see every day. On the contrary, for light physical activity, the proportion of physical exertion is not large.

The energy consumption of adults mainly includes: basic metabolism, food thermal effect, and physical activity.

Basal metabolism refers to the minimum energy that the human body performs in order to maintain life, the most basic physiological functions of the body, such as maintaining body temperature, blood flow, respiratory movement, skeletal muscle tension and gland activity. The energy consumed by basal metabolism is quite amazing.In light laborers, basic consumption accounts for about 70% of total energy consumption, food heat effect consumption accounts for 10%, and physical activity consumes about 20%.

The basic consumption can be kept basically unchanged even when sleeping, so eating and not eating up late will not affect the basic consumption.

銆€銆€In fact, as a supplement to daily energy intake is the overall concept, it is unscientific to highlight the hazard by a meal or meal alone.

If you have absorbed enough energy for three meals a day, then it will definitely be overweight.

Therefore, reasonable control of the total energy absorption, even if it is a segmental meal is no problem, 瀹?two nights will not make the weight increase too much risk.

銆€銆€Third, the energy ratio of three meals a day is related to the energy consumption after each meal. For example, the most standard three-course meal requirement is 30% for breakfast, 40% for Chinese food, and 30% for dinner. The main factor considered is lunch.It is necessary to supplement the lack of work after breakfast, and to prepare for the afternoon work consumption, but the modern people’s living habits are controversial changes, many people do not eat breakfast directly for lunch, and can work or entertain until midnight after dinner.Naturally, many people will have the habit of staying up late.

Although the traditional way of eating does not regulate this change, it is not feasible to let some people go hungry and spend a long night.

Therefore, it is not only because of changes in eating habits that it is bound to lead to adverse consequences. Staying up late is not obesity, the absolute factor of mild liver.