And this infrared radar system is the latest technology,Currently, I haven’t developed anti-radar system for this.,So you can use it with confidence。

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However, Lin Feng did not turn on anti-virus function.,But intentionally experience the gas here。
“Maple,Can you endure?”Li Yu Shen asked,He saw that Lin Feng’s face with sweat。
“fine,Fortunately, the poison here is not proliferated.,Otherwise it will make a disaster。”Lin Fengxin has a little bit,He is a poisonous road,I can experience the terrible of this poison.。
Don’t be the tears of God,Although it is exaggerated,But only this can describe the horror of this poison.。
How long does the magical power enter it?,Halfway, the strong people enter this, it should be injured.,They don’t want to be contaminated。
However, the more poisonous Lin Feng likes,His five poisons are absorbed by the poisonous drug,Tuning your own five toxicity,This way, his five poison is getting more and more satisfactory.,Practice into an extremely terrible realm,Go down,The power of the magical strength must also be hit。
Of course, people who are not five poisonous people can practice like him.,Because his right day is guarded,Including the time when it is absorbed,He needs big days to protect the heart。
I don’t know why,Lin Feng felt a big day,In order to practice the five poisons to the most successful realm,You must also have five poisons to practice the big days to the most successful realm.,The two are missing,Join。
“The five poisonous skills are really a poisonous road to high spirits.。”Li Wei took a trace of envious,In fact, she is more envious of Lin Feng to work with the two gods.,He also saw that these two gods are afraid to see their students.,Unimedible changes。
“let’s go,Li Shu。”Lin Feng looked at the front:“Be sure to seize this kind of magical knife。”
“it is good!”Li Wei nodded slightly。
“Unfortunately, you can’t kill the stick.。”Lin Feng pensive,He can’t wait to kill now.,Unfortunately, it is not a hand.。
“First go to the ancient tomogram.。”Li Wei expected a poisonous mist:“There are many opportunities here.。”
Lin Feng nodded slightly,I immediately rushed to the depths of the crater.,I’m going to catch the road,The more poisonous gas inside,Lin Feng looks,Absorb toxic gas,Tuning five poisons,He felt his own five poisonous hot five toxicity in transformation。
The two people have disappeared in poisonous fog。
Almost minutes, Lin Feng and Li Wei, the two people came to the bottom of the crater.,Crater bottom。
The magma here has been solidified.,This is a fire volley,It will erupt once for a while,Of course, if the bottom is severely attacked.,It is also possible to explode in advance.。
A wind blowing,This wind is cold and cold,Gray,It seems to be able to penetrate the bone marrow,Even if Lin Feng and Li Wei, now, I can’t help but hurt.,Feel the cold inside the bones。
“Well-cold。”Lin Feng frowned:“What seems to be staring at us。”
“Here is a resentment!”Li Yu god suddenly changing。
“Resentment?”Lin Feng’s slight shock,Although he believes this thing,But I didn’t see the resentment at all.。
NS368chapter Radar failure
“good,This is nothing unfortunate,When I came, I have already appreciated it.,The bottom of the crater is sometimes ice cold,But there is no such coolness,And I still feel that there seems to have other ominous things in this yin.。”Li Wei’s quiet explanation。
“Resentment!”Lin Feng wanted to open the eyes,Looking forward to the void around,He shocked slightly,Because he saw a body floating in the void,Head broker,Blood DC,In the eyes, there is still a strange red ray.。
“Bamboo。”It’s hard to listen to the incomparable sound from this broken skull.。
“what happened?Maple!”Li Wei saw Lin Feng’s responsetonacy。
“Do you see a corpse??Take a head。”Lin Feng pointed to the corpse of the floating。
“No ah,I didn’t see anything.。”Li Wei shook his head:“You see the grievance?”
“Have seen it!”Lin Feng Jingjing:“more than one。”Lin Feng looked at the four weeks,He saw a lot of resentment,Some seven lys,Some skull break,Some hearts are taken out,Very miserable death。
Each of the most inside is a bad voice,fear,Horror,A cold wind wave of a share a share is blown in the void,Let Lin Feng and Li Wei have a cold in the heart.。
“Resentment is afraid of lightning and Buddha light!”Li Wei Shen thought about it,He directly runs the big thunder knife method,Suddenly, the breath of the thunder,This breath is filled,Many of the yin winds around。
“good。”Lin Feng quietly:“We don’t provoke these grievances!”Talk between Lin Feng Da Nijing,Golden light bloom。
The highlight of the golden light is dazzling in this dark poisonous fog,Lin Feng is in the same day.,Quarter,Golden light shines empty,Directly drown in many resentment。
These resentment have struggled。
But soon, these grievances have stopped struggle.,Golden rays,These grievances have a lot of color。