Even if there is no Mike,He will put it privately to show some of the summer show.。

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Today, the other party is actively provocative,Sun Youde is not in the heart,There is still a small happiness。
He is looking forward to,If these experts have seen the magical medical skills in summer,What kind of expression is there?。
Next,The atmosphere of the meeting room is finally restored.,Even more than one more。
Several old experts are deliberately coming over and greets,Talk to TCM and Acupuncture。
And Sun Youde is to arrange this than testism.。
Zhongshan Hospital is one of the top hospitals in the country,Naturally lack of patient。
Under the arrangement of Sun Yid,Soon for 15 volunteers。
No change,Directly shouted ten patients in the conference room。
Everyone is working,Constructed a simple diagnostic table。
Sun Youde Station is on the http://www.zzhzyjx.cn side,View around around,Last look at summer and microphone,“Everyone in bed is the best expert in the world.,If you don’t mind,How do we do this kind of referee??”
“Of course。”
Mike just wants to humiliate summer,As for other things, don’t be placed。
“Good,Then who are you come first?。”
Sun Youde smiled,Take more than a dozen patients sitting on one side,Repeatedly,“Everyone can rest assured,These are volunteers selected from the hospital,There is no possibility of cheating。”
Many experts nodded。
In fact, they don’t care about these,I just want to see the summer magical medical skills.。
“There are fifteen patients here,Is our hospital,You have two patients who choose from them to diagnose them for them.,Finally, in accordance with the cases you have made.,Judging the level of compliance with their condition。”
Toned,Sun Youde also,“In order to ensure fairness,Only one of the patients can only be selected each time,A total of fifteen patients also have room for choice,Is there any problem with the two?。”
“No problem。”
Summer nice head。
Mike looks at the summer,Noodle,“Summer,I will let you know what is real medical skills.!”
After the end,“I will let you first choose!”
Summer is faint,Shake your head,“You are guest,Still come back first.。”
Mike naturally does not understand the modesty of the Chinese。
Can’t wait to come to the 15 patients,Then take a stethoscope to check。
Case diagnosis。
Simplest,It is also the hardest。
General disease,By observing its skin color eye tongue, etc.,It will be clearly determined.。
But more disease,With a general means, it is impossible to detect.,It must be checked by various medical instruments。
Character test like this,Although some people have a large part of the personal strength,Also part of the patient who sees the choice。
After all, some patients are just small problems.,You can check it http://www.jogjog.cn easily。