This……Not true。

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But,Brain congestion and suffocation,Let him realize,This is not an illusion。
“Is it good?。”
Summer voice is soft,I can’t see it on my face is anger.。
Facing the muzzle of countless black cave,His eyes are still calm。
Calm no fluctuation。
He gently put it on the ground,The face is slowly close to each other,“Why don’t you count??”
He Jie mouth,Ganglong,Port‘Dompod’Tough breathable。
Even if he is stupid,I also realized what kind of people I have encountered.。
He can have today’s status,Nature has a considerable degree of cognition and understanding of the underground world。
Very clear, some super masters,Not the number of people can confront。
Even if he is his own battle,The same reached the prohibition。
But in front of this person,Don’t say resistance,I can’t do it.。
Summer loose momentum,He said with a hoarse voice with a hoarse voice.,“Rare……Forgive……Me,I can convinced……Kill,Kill me,Not good for you……”“Huh。”
Summer is faint,“Sufficiency?
How do I believe you??”
“Give,Give me a chance……”“Ok。”
Summer nodded again,“Then I am hard to believe in you again.。”
After the end,Stop。
But his mouth is a slight open,Chemical a sound line falls in Heye Ear,“I need to investigate a few things for me.,As well as……”Finish,Round another arm,Three silver-rated temporal needles,Slaid on the shoulders of each other。
Spirate,Throw Jose on the ground,“Take a good opportunity。”
Turned to see the moon,Goddess,Faint,“We walk。”
The moon has already stood up,Accelerate the pace,Tightly follow the side of the summer。
哒 哒 哒。
The two are not going to go out。
Repellent,Sitting in the big mouth of the big mouth,Facial pale no blood。
Several gunmen rushed over to put him up。
And the rest of the person,Still align the muzzle。
“Put down the gun……”Jose’s face of muscles can’t convulsive,Outbreak out a hysterical madness,“Give me a shot,Dudu code gives me down the gun!”
Braw……The surrounding bodyguards have changed all colors,Not dare to neglect,I have dropped the muzzle.。
Looking at the back of summer and the moon,Jose swallows a sigh of water,Treve the sound and asked a sentence。
“Pavilion……Lord,You,What exactly……”There is no stop in summer.。
Continue to walk。
But there is a sound line but introduced into Heya。
Clamor!Next second。
He Jiemei,The whole body is like a sheep epilepsy, which is generally trembled.。