Soon the police began to shout,Let Jia Dongfang let go of the hostages and surrender。

Jia Dongfang grinned and said:“Let go of the hostages,Let Wang Yuan carry500See me,In addition,Give me a way,Let me take the hostage away,I will release people if I think it’s safe。”
quickly,Wang Yuan appeared with a big pocket,Under the light,He rushed upstairs Jia Dongfang shouted:“Monitor,Are you coming down or me up。You have been surrounded,Your only way to survive now is to ensure the safety of the hostages,Otherwise you will die without a burial place。”
Jia Dongfang grinned and said:“Wang Yuan,What you said to the monitor is useless,A man waiting to die alone in the prison,Do you still care about dying early and late?do not worry,I won’t die in vain,Have your wife with me on the road,I’m satisfied。Much better than you staying with me。”
Wang Yuan laughed,He almost tells that Ding Yi is not his wife,But I was afraid of angering him and harming Ding Yi,Just said:“Monitor,This is not your character,You have always been a master who did bad things for fear that others would not know,Why don’t you come out and challenge me,Kidnapping a woman is not a hero。”
Jia Dongfang says:“Don’t play yin with me,If I knew that your kid was such a thing,I buried you in the snow and froze to death。Stop talking nonsense,Throw money up。Throw on the balcony。Tell you,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise I will stab this little lady!”
Wang Yuan heard him say that,Just open the bag,Take out a bundle of money,Said:“You see if it’s money。”And threw the bundle of money back,Let Jia Dongfang see。
Immediately,There are a few flashlights shooting at the bag,Jia Dongfang saw that it was money。He is still worried,Said:“Open every bundle of money。”
Wang Yuan bent over,Opened a few bundles of money,Subsequently,Several bunches of flashlights shine on the money again,Jia Dongfang saw that it was really money,Just said:“Tie up,Throw it up。”
By the way,This two-story old building,The balcony is not closed,It’s just a circle of white cement railings。Wang Yuan crouched down,Fasten the bag,Ready to throw。At this moment,A policeman coming from the side,He re-tied the bag,And throw it to the balcony,Unbiased,The bag of money fell on the balcony near the railing。Jia Dongfang can’t reach,He can’t leave the window,In that case, the police can rush in at any time,Second, he might be the target of the police,then,He put the knife on Ding Yi’s neck,Little by little。
Ding Yi at this time,I saw Peng Changyi below making a squat gesture at him,Ding Yi got it,She and Jia Dongfang were completely exposed to police guns,As long as she squatted down,Jia Dongfang would be killed by Luandan,but,Luan Dan can kill Jia Dongfang,Can’t you beat yourself to death??Thought of here,Her legs trembled,Can’t stand at all,Jia Dongfang drags her to stand。
Seeing that Jia Dongfang will have enough money bag,Peng Changyi is still gesturing to Ding secretly,Ding Yi is cruel,Close eyes,Gritted teeth,At the moment Jia Dongfang reached for enough money,Take advantage of Jia Dongfang not paying attention,She suddenly pushed away his knife hand against her neck……
Just listen“Bang bang”Two crisp gunshots,Jia Dongfang fell to the ground。
Ding Yi yelled in fright,Black eyes,Also collapsed to the ground,Lost consciousness again……
Peng Changyi ran in like crazy,Rush upstairs,Set aside the police in front,Picking up Ding Yi who collapsed on the ground,By light,Peng Changyi can see clearly,Ding Yi’s forehead、Hands,Blood everywhere……
Peng Changyi’s heart cuts like a knife,He attached to her ear,Calling her loudly,The medical staff came up on the stretcher,Peng Changyi picked up Ding Yi,Gently put her on the stretcher,Without hesitation, he took Ding Yi into the ambulance。originally,What happened at the scene has nothing to do with Peng Changyi,All he cares about is this poor one、The life and death of a silly girl who was hurt physically and mentally……
First89chapter Take care of Ding Yi