Huairou Science City completed 8 cross-research platforms next year to persist in construction and operation

Original title: Huairou Science City completed 8 cross-research platforms next year, Beijing Huairou District 6th People’s Congress was held today, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Huairou Science City, 2022, ensuring high-energy synchronous radiation light source , Multimodal span-scale biomedical imaging, etc. Scientific facilities, etc. Strengthening scientific and technological innovation elements to promote the undergraduate students in the National University, in the 29 scientific facilities projects currently under construction in Huairo Science, the integrated extreme conditional experimental device, Earth system numerical simulation device, and the second phase of the drug engineering and the second phase of the drug and The construction of the cross-research platform project has been completed, and the research equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation are being carried out. By the end of this year, there will be 9 scientific facilities and cross-research platform civil and construction projects. According to the relevant person in charge of Huairou Science City Management Committee, 2022 Comprehensive National Science Center will adhere to the construction and operation.

Ensure that the integrated extreme conditional experimental device, Earth system numerical simulation device and the first batch of 5 cross-research platforms are efficient; ensuring high energy synchronous radiation source, multimode span-scale biomedical imaging, etc. scientific facilities are completed; ensure that 8 second batch crossings The research platform and 11 of the 11th Scienceial Education Infrastructure and Completion and Equipment Installation and Commissioning. Adhere to scientific research and transformation synchronization. Innovative scientific and technological achievements conversion service model, strive to achieve side construction, run, scientific research, and output. Huairou Science City will also strengthen the support of scientific and technological innovation.

Promote undergraduate students in the country to enter, further empower innovative entities, and cultivate more hard study incubator accelerators.

Strive to the Mechanical Research Institute Huairou Science and Technology Innovation Base, the establishment of the Beijing Separate and Renewable Medicine Research Institute. Actively build high levels of talents.

  In terms of supporting construction, Huairou will create a beautiful life of "Science + City". Accelerate the construction of the city living room AB plots, realize the land of Naibei Science Towns, started Yanqi Bay, scientific light project planning, and upgrade the Science City Police Center.

Exploring the establishment of a commuter transit efficient connection system, the area to promote rail transit, custom bus, self-driving, and academy of the bus, the shuttle is completed in the district, and the existing bus, the current rental car, share the bicycle multi-connection guarantee system.

Improve the classified housing security system.

Accelerate the supply of high-quality public service resources, support the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Huai Soft Office, promote Beijing Third Experimental School, Qingmine International School South Campus, Zhongguancun, a small Huairou division, new site construction, launch the scientific city kindergarten and other projects, and accelerate the relocation of maternal and child health care. "At present, the number of researchers of Huairo City has reached 3,000, and the number of researchers will reach 30,000.

"The relevant person in charge of Huairou Science City. Yan Qixi Lake International Association" 2022 years "2022 Vocal, the creation will be quality, and the shining will be branded.

Li Caoyan, Director, Director of the Large-scale Affairs Department of Yanyi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Zone, and accelerate the construction of Qihu Group. The project started in March 2021. At the end of 2021, the positive and negative zero structures were completed, and the main structure was completed before 2022. Capacked and entered the decoration and decorative construction stage, achieving the overall preliminary appearance of the entire project, in order to ensure the full completion of the end of April 2023, it is a solid foundation. After the project is completed, it will serve as a high-end Summit Media Service Center and various types. Exhibition staff service venues, while meeting weekend holiday demand. In 2022, Yanbai Villa will increase the construction of operational teams, and strive to introduce major conference activities to increase the main diplomatic core elements. This project has a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters, planning control height M. mainly demolished the original site building, with the Northern Song Dynasty "Military River Mountain Map" as Blue Pen, combined with the construction characteristics of the Song Dynasty and the modern elements to upgrade the construction.

In May 2019, the construction, the end of 2019, the main structure is capped, and the entire project is completed at the end of September 2021. "In 2022, we must complete the construction of the green landscape of Yanshan and the green landscape of Yanqi Hubei Road. Landscape style coordinated integration.

"Li Cai Yan said.

  Beijing Film Academy Huairou Campus, III, 20022, 2022, is the acceleration period of China ‘s shadow cultural technology depth fusion. "Yuan Jingheng, deputy director of Huairou District Cultural Industry Development Promotion Center, 2022, is China Family Culture Technology Depth fusion acceleration period.

As one of the key tasks of deepening "shadow all over the weekend" and to create a "never-end film festival", some constructions of Beijing Film Academy will be officially opened next year. The second phase of the project area is 10,000 square meters, including the teaching building, gymnasium, student apartment, international film and television exchange center, etc. It is reported that the first phase of the Beijing Film Academy Huairou New Campus has been completed, the first batch of 1400 teachers and students officially relocated in September this year. Wen Shui also mentioned that the National Cultural Heritage Site is settled in China. It is reported that the National Cultural Heritage Science and Technology Innovation Center is the National Cultural Relics Bureau ’14th Five-Year major project, intended to build China’s leading, international first-class cultural heritage protection science and technology integration research and development, achievements promotion, international cooperation, talent training, innovative National platform, set "1 + 3" function layout, namely a center, National Cultural Heritage Protection Science and Key Technology R & D Innovation Center (National Key Laboratory); Three Platform is the National Cultural Heritage Protection Monitoring Platform, National Cultural Heritage Protection Technology Achievement transformation platform, national cultural heritage exchange cooperation platform.

"At present, Huairou District has established project work, actively docking with relevant departments of the State Cultural Relics, launching project proposals and researching.

Wen Lesheng said.

  Wen Lei is revealed that Huairou District will also accelerate the development and construction of Huaijun South Station TOD project, Ali Wen Entertainment Industry Base, Bona Film Base; promote the construction of the second phase of the Chinese shadow, create a comprehensive integration of photography production, theme amusement, cultural dissemination equal to one Type Theme Park. Text / This reporter Wu Wenjuan (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.