Guangju Yingcai helps the 4th China · Henan recruitment

People’s Daily, Zhengzhou, October 23 (Case Remote Ming Hui Xiao Mu), Guangju Tianxia, ??Helps the Central Plains.

On the morning of October 23, the 4th China · Henan Recruitment Innovation Development Conference and the 2nd China · Henan Open Innovation and Transnational Technical Transfer Conference opened in Zhengzhou. At the opening ceremony of the conference, the Henan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security have signed "joint promotion", Henan, Henan "construction and remember", jointly promote the work of this major people; and establish a strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, signed " Strategic cooperation framework agreement".

At the opening ceremony, five representative high-level talent projects were signed on-site, and other projects will be signed at each special event.

From the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Daguang, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Signed the "Central Plains Sky Innovation Research Institute" project; the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academician, China Academic Engineering Research Institute, Signing of Henan Energy Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Joint R & D Center "Project; Academician, Yao Jianyu, Tianjin University, signed" Changyuan Hua Water Industry College and Research Institute "project; Dalian University of Technology Zhu Wei Signing" Subject and Research Fusion Strategic Cooperation "Project; Henan University of Technology, Huanjie, Singapore Academy of Sciences, Mr. Roding, Academician, Malaysian Academy of Sciences. In order to express the high-quality expert, the achievement is highlighted, and there is a high reputation and influential expert, playing advanced typical leading effects, stimulating the innovation and entrepreneurship of the whole society, at the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government awarded 100 comrades "Henan Province Excellent Expert" honorary title.

At the same time, in order to gather at home and abroad, the "Double First Class" college, the Provincial Academy, the National Biological Breeding Industrial Innovation Center, the national supercodies Zhengzhou Center and the National Regional Medical Center and other major innovation platform scientific and technological research and high-level talent team construction The Henan Provincial Government decided to hire 20 well-known experts and scholars as the fourth batch of "Henan Province Special Researcher".

Zhongyuan scholars, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Academy, Song Kexing, National High-level Talents Special Support Program Teaching Teacher, Director Liu Xin, director of Henan Normal University Secondary Research Department, etc., I have received "Henan Province Excellent Expert" and "Henan" Provincial special researcher certificate.

It is reported that a total of 1634 householders in this conference participated in high-end talents (projects) docking negotiations, providing 54,964 jobs.

290 high-level talents, including 40 top talents such as the two hospitals, the famous university principal, and 65 other leaders and talents. On the spot, talents have also been opened to introduce "Green Channel" "Integrated Services Window", which is a high-level and urgent need for the introduction of talent "one-stop". The 4th China · Henan Recruitment Innovation and Development Conference is mainly held in October 23, 24, including high-end talent (project) docking negotiation, key innovation platform recruitment, smart event, peak forum, academician expert 19 special activities such as Henan Wiogong.

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