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[Abstract] Double 12th, "Family Wish, Code Implementation" Super Live will be officially launched at 20:00 on December 10, when the explosive home appliance is 50% off, there is iPhone13 waiting for you to grab! If you say Live is alone, the live shopping is a group of people’s carnival.

With the arrival of the digitization, "live band" is a new online consumption model, which is favored by more and more people. The retail giants represented by Gome have grasp the opportunity in the past year, breaking their own "secondary wall", and quickly layout live broadcast.

Double twelve, "Family Wish, Code Implementation" super live broadcast will be officially launched at 20:00 on December 10, when the explosive home appliance is 50% off, there is an iphone13 waiting for you to grab! According to Gome staff The preferential intensity of the live broadcast is unprecedented, like the new international · Gree 3P variable frequency cabinet, the daily price takes 7599 yuan, the live price is only 6599 yuan, easily under the province of 1,000 yuan, Skyworth 58′ ‘4k ultra HD TV, daily The price is 2399 yuan, and the live broadcast can take home, the live price of the small swan roller washing machine is only 4799 yuan, the United States big new one-stage variable frequency hangs, the United States 166 liters double door refrigerator and other explosions Home appliances are 50% off, iPhone mobile phone, Dai Sen is a mysterious low price, as well as daily necessities such as laundry, grain and oil, toilet paper, toothpaste, the price is low to exceed your imagination! In addition to live delivery, Shaanxi Gome is also preparing other benefits during the Double Twelve "Tesco" event, where users arrive at the store, download really happy app or forwarding activities, really happy App new users enjoy newcomers, pay, all Users can receive a welfare coupon of 1999 minus 100 yuan.

From December 10th to December 12th, in Guijia purchase of home appliances, you can enjoy a discount of 3999 returning 400. The purchase of home appliances 1999 can return 2,000 yuan, and there is a 50% off discount.

The wish of Shaanxi Gome is to bring the most affordable goods with the lowest price! Today, live broadcast has become a new economic system, through the live broadcast, offline delivery, realize the online meeting of consumers and goods, consumption None contact with merchants.

In addition to meeting the shopping demand for consumers, there is also a reason for their live broadcasts to attract consumers.

The super live broadcast of the Gome double 12 is more satisfied. Welcome everyone to watch!