Go over and make sure,It really is a soul fruit,It seems they are going to make a lot of money,This kind of thing is totally unattainable,I am afraid that even the Murong family may not own it。

Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Awkward smile:“congratulations,Starting tomorrow, one step closer to killing me。”
The effect of soul fruit is too tempting,Whoever owns it can have a shortcut to the strong。
There are only three mature ones on the tree,I’m afraid it will be possible for decades,There is an unwritten sentence circulating on the mainland,Roots must be retained,So they only need to take the ripe fruit。
This kind of fruit can’t be served in ordinary porcelain,I can’t even touch my hands,The only way is to extract it,Jade preservation。
Don’t look at just picking three fruits,The mental power consumed by Xia Chenglong even exceeded the mental power needed to fight the gray-white ape last time.。
I was already sweating profusely when all three were picked,no way,This thing is too time-consuming。
Just when everything goes well,Xia Chenglong’s face is solemn,A bad premonition appears,They are likely to stay here。
Can’t control three seven twenty one,Turning back and holding Murong Qianxue’s jade hand,Quickly skip outside the canyon。
Just two steps,Earthquake,The roar spreads around with powerful energy fluctuations,This sound from the depths of the canyon,Directly mixed with destructive coercion,Even Xia Chenglong didn’t dare to fight。
But everything is late,The way they went back broke a huge hole in the shock just now,The smashed boulder completely sealed the surrounding exits。
It’s all because he didn’t think deeply,There is a beast of order 2 to 3 at best,How can I keep this delicious thing,There must be an extremely terrifying existence guarding,And he has nothing other than naive。
“That one,Wait you go first,I will deal with。”Xia Chenglong looked around and said。
Murong Qianxue’s attention is entirely on the hand where the man is holding her,This kind of very intimate action for her,Has appeared many times today,The point is that this man is still alive。