Song Min replied。

“I’m not going,I am afraid of the dark,How dark is that underground。”
Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister
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Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister
Shen Ruoxi idiot replied。
“Sister Ruoxi,The underground is brightly lit,How could it be black,Do you think people in the base work with candles??”
Zhou Meili interrupted in a dumbfounded way。
Only then did Shen Ruoxi react。
“Ugh……Except for the face and chest,Nothing。”
Song Min deliberately whispered Shen Ruoxi,She’s mocking Shen Ruoxi’s brainlessness。
“Who are you talking about?Try again!Laugh at me?Then I ask you:What do you have except chest and face?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately didn’t like to listen,Shouted Song Min pretendingly。
The other little girls were silent immediately,Qin Liang and Yanzi are not here,Shen Ruoxi and Song Min belong to everyone“Big sister big”,Two big sisters bickering,Who dares to speak as a younger sister?。
Zhou Meili is laughing:As an outgoing and lively girl,At the moment, she felt that it was too right for her to join the Shen family,It turns out that the sisters of Shen have been so noisy since they were young!This is just great,I will never be afraid of loneliness anymore!
“Of course you don’t have what I have,I have this,do you have?”
Song Min reached out and took out a colorfully packaged ball from his pocket,Flauntingly shook in front of Shen Ruoxi and said。