“My goodness!did not expect!Really never expected!It turns out that Director Yang and Captain Mei are both Shen’s sisters!admire!I really admire you from my heart!”

Director Tian said with bright eyes!
“Thank you……”
Yang Shiyun said thank you in addition to expressing modesty,I don’t know what else to say,Plum just laughed,Don’t speak。
Qin Liang started calling Shen Ruoxi,Describe things briefly and concisely,Then I called Yanzi again,I told Yanzi specifically;Not only she and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun must come with Yuer,And this time“Come back home”As the first official legion mission, it was assigned to Yuer separately,And want Yu’er to come here in military uniform!
Qin Liang wants to make the most perfect,The most heroic Yuer“also”To her uncle and aunt and always thinking about her,Care about her,Those neighbors who miss her。
The phone call lasted 20 minutes!Qin Liang told Yanzi everything he could think of,It’s better than Yu’er’s parents“sentimental,Ramble”,But it can also be seen from this that Qin Liang cares and cares for every girl in the family from the heart。
But when I think of Yu’er from the beginning“younger sister”,Became the present“daughter”,Qin Liang thought it was super interesting,But there is one thing he has to admit;When Yuer was his sister,He was cautious and a little embarrassed when talking with Yuer,But since Yu’er became his daughter,All these diaphragms disappeared immediately……
“Don’t you call Yuer directly?”
After Qin Liang put down the phone,,Yang Shiyun asked him in a low voice。
“You call her……”
Qin Liang handed his mobile phone to Yang Shiyun almost without hesitation.。
“What do i want me to fight?Why don’t you call her?”
Yang Shiyun didn’t answer the phone,But he asked Qin Liang again。
“You are her aunt,It’s more appropriate for you to call her。”
Qin Liang’s guilty answer,Actually, he dare not call Yuer,He doesn’t know how to tell her。
“nonsense,You still her father!And since it’s a formal task,You are the immediate superior commander of the Rose Legion,You don’t give her orders directly,Want me to call her?Do you think this is appropriate?”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
“I will give you an order;Order you to call Yuer。”
Qin Liang started“Bully”Up……